thank you for the good times, california. everytime i'm here i am instantly sad that this isn't where i live, & i for the smallest moment i wonder if austin should have chosen to go to pepperdine instead. then i remember that we're moving to spain & that it's going to be one of the coolest things & my sadness gets a little lighter. but california, you've still got my heart.
now, on to the next...
costa rica! tomorrow! it has come up so fast!
we spent today getting ready for the next leg of our trip. sure you would think that since we came to california knowing we were going to costa rica that we would have come prepared, & we did. sort of. but things come up & naturally we had to pick up some last minute items: books, magazines, diapers, food for cedar on the airplane, extra clothes (it just happens).. you know, that sort of thing. & then we had to re-pack everything. so it has really been a blast.
but we're finally packed up & ready to go.
i'm looking forward to 10 days spent on the beach // at the pool // hopefully in a jungle // celebrating my birthday (!) // relaxing // & getting my tan on.
i know the picture is blurry (iphone, once again) & truly has nothing to do with the post, but i love this picture of me with my cat, gracie. i've had her since i was 9 years old & i miss her a lot when i'm in utah. i am a cat lady.


  1. I absolutely adore that picture, you know I'm a fan of the stripes!
    And have SO much fun in Costa Rica for your birthday! So jealous!!!
    xo TJ