last friday we went boating with austins parents & brothers family on utah lake. if there is one thing i really love about summer in utah, it's getting to go out on the boat. growing up i always thought it was SO cool when people had boats & went to the lake, it always sounded so fun... & it really is.
the day was spent with the kids...& me riding the tube all over the lake. even cedar took a go at it with austin, but sadly & surprisingly he really, really did not like it. i totally thought he would love it cause he's really into having wind on his face, but apparently i was wrong. so the rest of the day he hung out at the front of the boat enjoying the wind on his face while everyone fed him snacks, he was in heaven.
austin & his brother showed off their skills on the air chair which i didn't even know was a thing until i joined the family.
&i got up for my first time ever on the wakeboard which was pretty exciting. i've tried it a couple of other times but have never been successful, so i was pretty stoked to have actually gotten up. it was a pretty perfect summer day!


  1. okay seriously though--your blog is my new obsession! you are so talented with that camera, and i love seeing all the fun i can have in my own backyard! xoxo

  2. Fun pictures! I've lived by Utah Lake for so long and have never actually been out on it. New thing on my bucket list I guess.

  3. This looks so so fun! I love boating and all the fun activities that go along with it :)

  4. Heaven!! A day in a boat on the lake is my perfect day!!
    We used to live in Eagle Mountain and had a view of Utah lake... but I've never actually been in it! Crazy!!