25 FOR 25

today i am  t w e n t y  f i v e.

it sounds old. i've never had an issue growing up & getting older, but 25 just sounds old to me. like i'm supposed to be more mature than i am, but at the same time it is still so young. it's crazy to think that i am 25.

25 is the age i thought i would be getting married at. not already being married. & i definitely didn't think i would have a kid by now! so i guess in some ways i am slightly grown up, but i still feel like the same old me i was when i had just barley turned 18. it's a tricky thing growing a year older.
i remember being with my siblings & their friends when they were 25 & thinking how old they seemed.. they seemed much more adult to me when they were 25 and i was 16 or 14. granted it's a huge age difference, but i just really don't think of myself as an adult..? maybe thats a bad thing. but it's the truth.

i used to think adults were people that were married & had kids & a house & had graduated & all these different things, but i've done pretty much all of those.. without the house.. & i do not feel very adult. it's just a strange thing!

anyways, in honor of my birthday, i thought i'd share 25 things ((you may or may not know)) about me
1. my parents named me after the ring of kerry, in ireland.
2. my first pet was two cats that i got for my 6 birthday names mittens & cinder.
3. i studied painting for a two years before completely changing my major.
4. i chipped my right front tooth trying to pull a needle through a canvas.
5. when i was in 5th grade i was out of town so often that my teacher let me create something similar to a scrapbook for credit, & gave me all of my tests to take on my trips.
6. i am terrified of ferris wheels. there just is no way in my mind that they are safe & stable.
7. i hated to read until i was 8 & got my first mary-kate & ashley mystery book. i have loved to read ever since.
8. ever since i was little i've always said "i'm going to the bathroom" just incase someone wonders where i went, & it's a habit i really can't break.
9. i love filling our surveys on pretty much anything.
10. i've worn an evil eye every day for the last seven years.
11. when i can't sleep i think of different outfits i can make out of my clothes.
12. i have been to 24 countries.
13. i have had the exact same friends since i was born & they're still my best friends.
14. every year i re-watch my so-called life.
15. i played tennis at least three days a week from 4-10 years old.
16. i really want to own a mini horse.
17. the first concert i went to was was brittney spears.
18. it takes a lot of work for me to become hyper.
19. i'm a collector of quotes. i write down anything or tape things from whatever in my journals to always have them.
20. when i had braces i got one of the brackets stuck to my knee in a game of crack the egg on the trampoline. it was a bummer to pull off.
21. learning is one of my favorite things to do.
22. i've had one reoccurring nightmare since i was 10 years old.
23. sarcasm is the sense of humor of my choice.
24. i laugh in most situations i shouldn't: serious conversations, sad conversations, when people cry in front of me, when there's an awkward tension... really, i just laugh all the time.
25. i haven't had an oreo shake since i was ten years old.


  1. happy 25th!!!
    when i can't sleep, i picture how I'm going to remodel something in our house...i also laugh in serious situations...like when my kids were getting shots or whatever....love you...

  2. Happy 25th girl! You should really go get that oreo shake!


  3. i want a mini-horse, too! love that.

    your thoughts on 25 were actually comforting--i'll be 24 next month, and i feel like i should have my life together! but i don't. and that's ok. :)

  4. That was a fun idea for turning 25! Happy Happy Birthday!:)

  5. so awesome you studied painting! Happy birthday!!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to you gorgeous!