(BABY robe. i loved cedar in it. he on the other hand, was less than impressed)
costa rica has been so much fun. we've been here for ten days & i feel like it flew by. a couple of years ago my now sister-in-law, kristen & i went to a "surf & spanish" school in costa rica (we were there for two weeks, i think we went surfing everyday & to spanish class maybe 3 times....there's a little more about that in this post (not really)) that was in a completely different part of costa rica & a totally different experience. i loved it then, & i love it now.
our hotel is in supposedly in the desert of costa rica, but it does not at all look like a desert to me. it's super lush & green all the way up to the shore, with a ton of wild life!
we have what are called howler monkeys right outside our patio! we can watch them jump around the trees from our room & hear them all day & night, which is pretty cool. one of our days here we went on a tour around a golf course checking out all of the wild life near us. we saw a SO many monkeys & tiny baby monkeys, which were adoooorable! & these animals that resemble a raccoon with a longer nose, who are also all over the hotel a lot, iguanas, geckos & white faced monkeys. it feels much more like a jungle than a desert.
the water is so clear & blue & warm. it's been amazing! the end of a vacation is always rather disappointing in my opinion. can't we just live here? 


  1. the leggings in my bike ride post are from here ( and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I wear them alllllll the time hahah. Also, COSTA RICA HOW FUN. That baby robe is to die for.
    the little diary

  2. Ker! Where is your New York shirt from??

  3. end of vacations are such a bummer. but going through pictures and re-living usually helps me cope :) yours are incredible!

  4. Aw, this all just sounds and looks like so much fun!! Really wishing I was in Costa Rica right about now!
    xo TJ

  5. BABY ROBE!!! I love that little boy. Looks like a lot of fun!!