last night we got back to utah from our california/costa rica vacation & it already feels like it was months ago that we were even there. the semi stressful situations that happen with traveling back, especially wish a baby, make me feel like i need another vacation already! with being nervous about not getting through security in costa rica or customs due to passport name & ticket name issues (one said my maiden name, the other my married name.. disaster), worrying we wouldn't make our connecting flight in houstan & trying to prevent cedar from screaming too loud for too long on our 3 hour flight to houston, then trying again on our flight from houston to salt lake... i could definitely go for another vacation or maybe a massage.. haha. but seeing as there isn't another vacation around the corner, i'll just have to use my pictures & videos from costa rica to relive the dream!


  1. traveling with a baby is so much harder, but makes for some good stories after the fact ;)

  2. What a beautiful little boy - and beautiful photographs too. Its my absolute dream to travel to Costa Rica.

  3. ahhh costa rica looks amazing. you lucky dog. also, that name fiasco is my fear. also, i can't believe you guys did 21 credits. that is seriously crazy!!!!
    the little diary

  4. love that video - it looks like you guys had a blast. also, you get all the extra points for traveling with a baby.