sometimes, i can't get over utah. there's always something new that totally excites me & blows my mind. this time, it was the salt flats. i have seen photos & heard about the salt flats. i even drove by them once on our way to san francisco, but as fate would have it, i was asleep & completely missed them. so when tayler came up with the idea to take photos with colored smoke bombs (more on that later) at the salt flats, i was in. & i was so excited to go.

the days leading up to going to the salt flats were super rainy, so i was worried we wouldn't be able to go. luckily for us though, last wednesday was bright & sunny. we drove an hour & a half out there to discover a huge gray cloud inching towards the salt flats & a ton of wind (we hadn't really thought about checking out the wind). so we hurried out onto the salt flats to get some pictures & gave the colored smoke bombs a shot. the wind kind made the smoke bombs a little difficult, understandably, but we still got a whole lot of pretty cool pictures out of the whole experience.

i just cannot believe that the salt flats are only an hour & a half away, or that the exist at all. it's crazy. they are a huge area of just pure, white, salty ground. they are seriously so cool, if you have never been & have the opportunity, you should definitely go. it's pretty much heaven for a salt lover like me. & yes, i did lick the salt, just for good measure.


  1. ahh, I've wanted to go out there so bad, but it just seems like such a far drive! these photos are making me want to do it anyway. I've been out to antelope island near saltair and it has the same kind of feeling -- just endless miles of flatness. so cool.

  2. These photos are by far the most adorable things I have seen all week! What a beautiful backdrop!

  3. wow! so cool! i've never gone out there but i'm definitely feeling like the it's worth it! love seeing your local adventures!