i had mentioned earlier how last week, while austin was out of town, cedar & i went up little cottonwood with my cousin whitney & her daughter wren. we originally thought of hiking to cecret lake, but we decided that didn't sound too fun with cedar & wren after we drove up there, so instead we walked to this field to this rock. at least, that's what whitney kept saying.. "there's a rock in the middle of a field, i think it's up a little further.." haha but it was really fun & the littles loved it. 
cedar kept trying to hold wren's hand, wren kept trying to get away from cedar, whitney took a lot of pictures, & i held the rocks that cedar collected along the hike/walk. 
& once we made it to the field & the rock the view was beautiful! the whole walk was pretty, don't get me wrong, but we were at a little lookout spot over the valley that was so great, definitely worth the trek up there. 

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