i'm sure by now you've all heard about wardrobe capsules. the concept has been getting a lot of buzz lately, & for good reason.

i've been spending a lot of my free time coming up with my fall capsule. i first heard of a wardrobe capsule from the blog un-fancy, which you definitely should check out if you haven't seen it before. the girl behind it is adorable, has great style & i think a really good idea/method behind this capsule business. since stumbling across her blog i've been seeing other people on instagram that are attempting capsules as well & i think it is so cool that it's gaining popularity.

a wardrobe capsule is a selection of 40 (or less) clothing items that you wear for three months (a season). the items includes pants, tops, sweaters, shoes, jackets. it does not include accessories: scarves, jewelry, purses, etc. since hearing about the capsule, i've been really interested in trying it out for myself. i think a little minimalism could do me some good, especially since with our upcoming move i cannot take the majority of my things... so since i have to get use to it, i'm going to embrace it.

so last weekend, as i watched you've got mail (it took me a good 3 hours to finish since i kept pausing it to go find an item & to play & feed cedar && to take a nap while cedar napped cause i've had a horrible cold...) i finally got around to pulling out the pieces i had decided on using & creating my capsule in real-life. this process was a lot harder than i imagined. even though i have been thinking about it for quite some time, seeing them all lying on the floor next to each other made me nervous & excited, all at the same time. since we're moving to a different continent i'm not 100% sure what to expect weather wise, so i've decided to give myself a little bit of leeway with my capsule. i'm thinking i'm going to switch out a few items once we move for weather purposes.

*i tried to provide links... but it was hard, so some items have a link & some items don't, sorry!
** i don't really have my clothes on a clothing rack. that was purely for the pictures because my closet doesn't photograph well & i had it out because all of the clothes i'm selling are currently residing on the clothing rack. also, if you're ever looking to sell clothes use the app vinted. seriously so great, i've sold a ton. shop my closet on there! my username is kerryjune

1// cheap monday white skull tee
2// anthropologie white pullover sweatshirt
3// theory white with black striped top (similar)
4// j.crew white long blouse
5// anthropologie cream lace top
6// alexander wang white pocket tee
7// madewell cream longsleeve tee
8// vince white longsleeve striped tee

9// vince black leather vest
10// target black & white striped tee (similar)
11// anthropologie black long-lace-sleeve tee
12// alexander wang black pocket tee
13// anthropologie black 3/4 peplum tee

14// j.crew gray & white polka dot flannel
15// anthropologie gray button sweater
16// free people gray drapey thermal
17// j.crew gray v-neck tee

18// j.crew chambray (similar)
19// anthropologie pink peplum tee
20// j.crew buffalo flannel (old, similar)
21// j.crew camo button down
22// free people denim vest

23// anthropologie black & white skirt
24// madewell purple skirt
25// anthropologie floral skirt

26// free people green maxi dress
27// anthropologie floral dress

28// madewell black high-rise skinnies
29// madwell maroon skinnies
30// current elliott camo jeans
31// rag & bone skinnies

32// frye brown booties
33// madewell brown booties (old)
34// report black booties
35// dr. marten black laceup boots
36// vans green hightops 
37// gold booties
38// j.crew silver loafers

so here goes nothing. i'm hoping to take pictures of how i pair my items & share how i mix & match what i've chosen. wish me luck in that regard! what are your thoughts on the wardrobe capsule? would you ever try one? 


  1. yay for capsule wardrobe posts! I love what you shared. And i had to backtrack a little to get why you're going but, oh my word, SPAIN in a few more weeks?!?! Dang, girl. So excited for you.

  2. ahhh I love unfancy! Caroline is darling and super inspiring. I love seeing all the capsule wardrobes happening, including yours. Yours has this edgy cool vibe that I'm loving. I've been trying to create mine for about two months now...not a lot of success yet. I hope with the definitely change in the weather, I can start a true fall wardrobe soon. Thank you for sharing yours!

  3. p.s. THANK YOU for introducing me to vinted!! I have been perusing and I love it. Plus, in my condensing my wardrobe, I have a crapload of stuff I need to sell somewhere!

  4. k you have AWESOME style. I want to steal your wardrobe! love the classic vans high tops. I've been seeing lots of these capsule wardrobes and I think it's a really cool idea to pare down your options and make your life easier! ...but you also still have to keep all your other clothes... so I don't really totally get it haha. I think I need to do some more research. good luck with your wardrobe!

    - leah

  5. One day when I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaally wealthy I will pay you to be my personal shopper ;) I think a wardrobe capsule sounds awesome actually. It would cut out so much time spent wasting deciding what to wear, and youd have to get creative. I love that.

  6. i'm really excited to see your capsule photos as fall goes on! (i saw your first at wheeler farms on IG and you naaailed it.) someday i wiill have the time + motivation + self control to go through my closet and just pick a few staples and stick to the basics. i love the look of it and the chance to really chose what you appreciate in your closet. for now, i am sticking with having a thousand choices each morning but you are inspiring me to do a capsule :)