our lives are a little boring but very busy as of right now, moving will do that to you!

1\\ the pretty flowers & arch i got to work on over the weekend. i am slightly obsessed with how it all turned out.

2\\ my cute cousin marta hosted a little carmel apple making party for a few of us cousins that could make it! marta is seriously adorable & the craftiest lady, as are most of my other cousins. she had me & my cousins whitney & sarah over monday night to make homemade carmel apples & they are delicious. we made homemade caramel, dipped them in chocolate & had a ton of toppings. they are so. good. 

3 & 4\\ silver lake up big cottonwood! (i want to share all of the pictures i got on my phone cause its seriously beautiful up there, but they mostly look just like these 4) we were meant to have family pictures taken, but with some slight confusion over silver like up a.f. canyon & silver lake up big cottonwood... it didn't work out. we went up to big cottonwood, our photographer went up a.f. but it was beautiful up there & i'm sad i didn't have my camera to take pictures! at least we have phones, right?

5\\ packing has become my life. every day, throughout the day, i am packing or cleaning something. every night it starts out as a disaster but then gets semi packed. you would think with the amount of time we have spent packing we would be finished, but we keep re-packing to try & fit the most in our bags & i think we finally found the perfect system. more on that later. 


  1. what a bummer about the photos! looks like you guys all had cute outfits on at least haha. and I feel like all the iphone photos you post are so good! teach me your ways.

    good luck with packing! and definitely share your secrets...I will need them in about two months.

    1. haha thanks! i use vscocam for my pictures on my phone, try it!
      &&& depending how far you're moving & whether your clothes are hanging or not, i've found that the best way to move hanging clothes is to put trashbags over big bundles to keep them all on/organized & clean. it's seriously so easy!

  2. love these "peek into my life" posts - they are fun. and OMG those caramel apples look AMAZING.

  3. those caramel apples... GOSH DANG. hit me up with a recipe, plz.

    the little diary

  4. ugh! that's such a disappointment about the pictures, but the iphone ones still turned out gorgeous! a beautiful family and killer location! :)

  5. LOVE your dress, ker! I want all your "church" outfits.. teach me your ways! Well, I want all your outfits, but I definitely struggle in the "church clothes" department!