i can't believe it's actually december. november seriously went by so incredibly fast & i didn't even know what we were doing when it all happened. we've officially been in madrid for one whole month which is so strange, it feels like we just got here..anyways, i'm really excited that december is finally here for a number of reasons.

first// i can watch as many christmas movies as i want, as often as i want & listen to christmas music without it being weird. 

second// my mom is coming to check out our new home & tour around spain (& possibly somewhere else? tbd) with us on the 28! i'm so excited to show her around all of the places we've found & to discover new ones with her.

third// madrid goes all out for christmas. they have huge, decorative lights crossing the streets throughout the city, buses to take you on light tours, christmas markets, and giant lit up christmas trees all over... they are really into the holiday spirit over here & i couldn't be happier. 

fourth// we're going to germany! austin & i decided to go on a trip, instead of swapping gifts, after he gets out for winter break, before christmas. nothing sounded more magical & christmasy than going to the christmas markets in germany. i'm beyond excited, i think about it all the time. 

& with that, here's a holiday playlist. 


  1. that is a fabulous playlist! soooo excited to blast christmas music 24/7. also, CHRISTMAS GERMANY?!?! amazing.

  2. great playlist! And Germany for Christmas sounds amazing! I'd love to do Christmas in another country some year. We Americans think we know how to do it but we really don't!

  3. What a great idea!! I'm obsessed with Winter Song! Excited to listen to some of these other songs this month!