if you follow me on instagram, then you know i am far away from being in germany & am currently in morocco! our days have been getting jumbled together & going SO fast, i didn't even get a chance to talk about our christmas (it was great! & so strange being on our own..!), but my mom came to madrid on the 28 & we left for morocco on the 29. buuuut i wanted to finish out our germany trip on my blog before even getting into that, so here it is! i just had SO many pictures & so much i wanted to share, i had to split it up! so if you're sick of hearing about my love for adorable germany, i don't recommend reading on, haha! 
before going to germany we found out that one of our friends here in spain, aimee & taylor, were going to be in nuremberg while we were in munich. nuremberg is about an hour & a half away & we thought it would be fun to get together with them so we spent wednesday at the nuremberg christmas markets wandering with them. 

nuremberg was such a charming town, i really can't explain it better than that. when we first got to the markets in munich i couldn't imagine a more whimsical or magical experience. then i went to nuremberg & my opinion completely changed. nuremberg is by far the most whimsical & magical christmas market experience. nurember is a medieval town & still maintains that old town charm. the cobble streets in the plaza are surrounded by adorable buildings of different colors & in the middle of it all are hundreds & hundreds of christmas market booths all with red & white striped roofs & white lights & garland bordering them. & if you have smaller kids the market holds a kinderweihnacht, a christmas market dedicated to kids. this market is full of different rides, a toy house to play in, crepes & waffles, & booths full of cute toys for your kids. it was adorable. 

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  1. Looks SOOOO amazing!! I told Al that we HAVE to go here next Christmas! :) And small world, Aimee was in my sorority!