taking stock

i loved this lazy, easy, rainy weekend. friday night we attended austins class christmas dinner & a tiny spanish restaurant in the heart of downtown. i was so excited to go to this dinner & finally meet the people he spends all of his days with & comes home to tell me about, i was going to be able to put some faces to names! the spanish do dinner much later than americans do, the dinner started at 9, which in spanish time, means 10:30. we got there around 9:30 & were some of the first people to get there, & we didn't have any food until 10:30. it's completely different than back home where you normally meat at 6 for dinner & if you have kids, you're done & home by 8:30. but not here! kids run wild through the restaurants/bars at all hours of the night, while parents are eating & i think they're onto something with that.

cedar was the star of the night. half the people didn't know austin even had a baby, but they allllllllllll loved him. he was exhausted & in the funniest mood. he was getting passed around from person to person, being fed, high-fived, fist-bumped, & jumping up & down on their shoulders. i don't know who loved it more, cedar or all of the people. we didn't make it out of there until 12:30, when everyone else was just relocating, getting their nights started, we headed home. cedar passed out immidately once he was in his stroller & austin & i slowly made our way back home. leaving cedar & i to wake up the next morning with colds & having much appreciated late start to our saturday, followed by a cozy day spent inside with warm food & drinks to comfort us both, austin getting us whatever we needed, watching movies cuddled up on the couch as a family & long walks around the city. it was probably one of my favorite weekends. & it hit me: my life will never be the same as it is right now.

these days are a once in a lifetime experience, no matter how redundant they may seem at the time, no two days are the same. how wild is that? it makes me so appreciative for what i have, my life, my friends, my family & so much more. & it makes me want to document everything, all the little things.because whether i like it or not, life will never be what it is today. so i'm taking stock. taking stock in dreams, in feelings, in the music i surround myself with, the shows i spend time watching, the food i'm making & eating, the business & simplicities of our life, cause i want to remember it all.

making// paper snowflakes
cooking// rice pudding
drinking// too much tea
looking// at these pictures we took in utah before moving
reading// the outlander series.. it's seriously addicting. to me at least.
wanting// extra warm mittens
looking// forward to this weekend (germany, yay!)
heaing// the dishwasher running & christmas music playing
waiting// for christmas & my mama to come visit!
watching// game of thrones, i just started it. so far, so good.
wondering// where we'll be in 6 months
loving// cedars snuggles
hoping// i get over this cold asap
needing// more sleep
smelling// zara christmas candle
laughing// at this video
wearing// lululemon leggings, my heavy metal shop tee & j.crew flannel (similar)
following// a plan of sorts
noticing// glitter on my couch
knowing// we are lucky
thinking// about what to make for dinner
feeling// cozy
opening// packages


  1. Wonderful post! Your photos are gorgeous.

    xo Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

  2. i love these "taking stock" posts, they are some of my favorite to read. i want those lululemon leggings so bad i could cry - someday i will convince my husband it's ok to spend that much money on leggings :) your family is absolutely beautiful (i know i say that a lot but i MEAN IT) and i loved your thoughts on being in the moment. every day, our life is a once in a lifetime experience. thanks for the motivation to treat it that way, xo

    1. kayla, i don't know how many times i can tell you, but you're seriously SO sweet! haha thank you for always leaving the nicest comments, it always makes me smile to read them xoxo

  3. I'm so impressed he can stay up that late without melting down! I really do miss the later schedule of living in Europe sometimes :)

    1. it's hit or miss with him, he either is totally calm & fine being up or having full blown meltdowns, luckily for us he was super good this night! the late schedule was weird to get use to, but i really am liking it now!

  4. hahaha don't worry, i'm 25 & i also wonder about their sleep! seriously, it's normal to go home around 5 a.m from partying, how insane is that!?

  5. I loved reading your list of things that you are currently doing- it put me in such a Christmas-y mood! It is so cool to think that no two days are the same and that we should cherish each and every one of them. Glad to hear that you are making the most of your holiday season! And I didn't know that Zara had a Christmas candle!?!?!? I need to get on that!

    1. yes! zara has a christmas candle! & a whole separate zara home, did you know about this? it's like the best kept secret i've discovered since moving here. check it out online!!

  6. this post is so delightful. you have such a good way of noticing your life NOW and living in the present and then sharing it with all of us. so lovely. sending you get-better-soon vibes so you can live it up in christmas germany!

    1. ah! thank you :) i can get SO caught up in the future, so i really try to be here. & i think your vibes definitely helped!