last week i was asked to participate in bona fides confessions campaign & i'm so grateful they thought to ask me. they're a company that i am so pumped about. have you guys heard of them? bona fide was created by two cool girls & it's all about being real! & come on, we all get stuck in the social media bubble of trying to look perfect// have a picture perfect life// being perfect, but what's the fun in that? no one is perfect, we've all got our little flaws & our differences & that's what makes us us. bona fide is trying to bring real life back to social media & so let's all be a little more real. 

as soon as i was asked to join in the confessions movement, i immediately started to think about what i should write for mine. at first i seriously was drawing a blank, & then allllllll sorts of things came flooding in my mind. i finally settled on one to post, but of course i have more than one, so lets talk.
CONFESSION #1// i am the ultimate procrastinator: it's true, i really am. i was given three days notice to post my picture for this campaign & i didn't do it until the last day. the worst part is that i thought about doing it every day leading up... & i just didn't. #1 procrastinator right here. there literally are days that i plan to clean & i just keep putting it off. "i'll clean after breakfast," i think, "i'll clean during cedars nap," i tell myself, "i'll clean before austin comes home," i promise myself. & then it doesn't happen until i'm exhausted & just want to go to bed. what is wrong with me?! why can't i stop this?!

CONFESSION #2// i am incredibly self conscious: it's not something people notice when meeting me, & a lot of times isn't something people know unless they know me really well, but i am incredibly self conscious. the thought of going to an event where i won't know anyone, or won't have a close friend to stick with, terrifies me.i get slight anxiety when i have to do anything that draws attention to me in front of a crowd of people, like public speaking. i also turn bright, bright red & get SO flustered, in school i would always have to wear high necked shirts if i knew i would have to talk to my class because i get so splotchy red. oh, i also would turn bright red even if i raised my hand, on my own free will, to say something in class. so embarrassing. 

CONFESSION #3// i used to be a little ocd.. about eggo waffles: for as long as i can remember, i had 2 eggo waffles for breakfast up until i was about 22. that could be a confession in itself. but it gets better. i was pretty crazy about my eggos. see, eggos come in packs of 6 & 1 eggo wasn't enough, but 3 were too many, so i always had 2 & i would get pretty upset if anyone ever ate just 1 eggo. it was complete craziness on my part & so weird of me, but you know what, i stand by my 2 eggo's at a time method. 

CONFESSION #4// i can't stop cracking my knuckles: i've done it for years, i don't know how i got the gross habit, buuuut i really can't stop. i try & try again. and its disgusting.

CONFESSION #5// some days when cedar wakes up i am just not ready for the day to start. so instead of jumping up, playing with him right away & getting ready for the day, i turn a movie on, give him a bottle & lay on the couch in a sort of half sleep, while he plays & watches his show. 8:30 just comes so early sometimes! 

so, what are your confessions?


  1. Confession # 5 is me everyday. And I know we aren't the only two ladies doing this.

  2. I can relate so much to literally all of these! Haha, you're in good company. I think it says something that we can still accomplish things even though these things don't come naturally to us.