here's a tiny glimpse into our life at home. i realized i haven't really posted anything about our apartment, but it's just now starting to feel more like us, starting to have a few things to make us feel like it's our home. we've slowly been accumulating different items from different trips & what not. 

cedar lately has been completely obsessed with his trains & it's adorable. i love hearing him making little choo-choo noises & walking into his room to see him fiddling with the train track trying to put them together, it's the most adorable thing. he has also started hiding in his tent anytime we want to dress him, leave the apartment, or just if he's bored i hear a little voice saying "go?" (which is what he says when he's wondering where someone/something went) & once i say "where'd cedar go?" he runs out laughing & saying "here!" it is pretttttty funny... & sometimes annoying..... but mostly funny. he's seriously growing up every. single. day. & like every other mom in the world, i want it to stop. buuuut i also kinda don't want it to stop cause it's so fun. 
making// lists on lists on lists
cooking// nada
drinking// orange soda................
looking// at old pictures
reading// still reading the outlander series.. i need to stop.
wanting// espadrilles
looking// for new restaurants to try
hearing// austin typing
waiting// for next weekend
watching// parenthood... i started this week & i'm addicted
wondering// how to teach cedar to sleep in..
loving// eating reeses
hoping// it stops being so windy
needing// nada
smelling// peanut butter
laughing// at austin
wearing// t shirt & sweats. cute.
noticing// how much cedar changes every day
knowing// we are lucky
thinking// about my family
feeling// sleepy
opening// colored pencils

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