do you ever wonder what people take with them in their carry-ons? maybe you're not all nosey like i am, but i always want to know what it is that other people take with them, especially if they're carrying a big bag. i know, i'm a creep. 

before having a baby traveling seemed so luxurious to me, i have no clue why, but i just loved it. i loved the hustle & bustle of the airport, people watching, getting airport food & listening to my ipod the entire time. airport life was good to me. traveling with a baby makes the experience less luxurious but definitely more entertaining & instead of me people watching, we're often the people with a kid running around being watched! 
when i used to travel before having a baby, i somehow managed to fill up a carry-on all on my own & i have no idea how... i'm thinking i would just throw stuff in to take up space (i'm known to do this & i know it's weird), because i seriously don't know how i filled it otherwise, if it weren't for cedar my bag would be totally empty these days. in my first traveling experiences with cedar i would take my gigantic diaper bag full to the brim with stuff, but now that we have gone a few places with him, i've narrowed down what i take with me to the necessities, especially since i got rid of my diaper bag. 

my carry-on requirements are to take only what we both need & to make sure it all fits within the purse i'm taking on the trip.
ipad // i don't let cedar play with my phone or with the ipad, but when we're traveling i let him watch as many movies as his little heart desires. i know a lot of people look down on this, but all i really want on a long flight is a happy baby & movies make him happy! plus, the tend to make him fall asleep too, which is a definite bonus. 

book(s) // cedar is all about looking at his books & for the past little while good night, gorilla has been his favorite. it's a cute book, plus it's small which is all the better for traveling. he loves pointing at all the animals in it, making the noises for them & it keeps him occupied for a long time. 
i'm bringing my current book: gulliver's travels. i've never read it & austin gave it to me for my birthday & i'm juuuuust now getting around to reading it! 

diaper pouch // i keep cedars diapers & wipes in a bag a pair of shoes i got from j.crew came in, it's incredibly handy because it keeps them organized in one spot, especially if i have a bigger bag, it makes it easy to switch between bags & when he needs a change i can just grab the little pouch instead of taking my whole bag

wallet // obviously. can't do a whole lot without this thing. my wallet is the hobo robin wallet that i have loved. i initially got it to take on our honeymoon since i knew i would need a wallet with a big coin pouch since coins are heavily used in europe, & it's been one of my favorite wallets ever. the hobo has a ton of room for coins which is ideal in europe, & a thicker cash sleeve since bills are a bit wider & shorter here but it's smaller than the classic hobo, which is perfect for me.

snacks // i bring cedar a lot of snacks cause a hungry baby = a sad baby & no one wants a sad baby on a flight, especially the mom. when we're out & about i always carry some of these fruit pouches cause it makes me feel better than he doesn't survive 100% on bread & crackers & they're pretty compact. plus i take him granola bars & water.

toy pouch // i keep this pouch with me alllllllll the time. like the diaper pouch it's totally convenient cause i know where his toys are, i don't have to fish around for them in the bottom of my bag & it's easy to transport them. i normally rotate the toys so he doesn't get bored of always having the same one when we're going around town & what not & he loves it. cedar loves to take the pouch with him, take all the toys out & putting them back in on repeat 

blanket // the aden & anais blankets are a lifesaver, cedar adores his & falls asleep/calms down so instantly with them it's crazy. 

essential oils // for both baby & mama to help keep us calm, help to breathe & since it's so stuffy & you don't know what sickness someone around you has, on-guard to keep us healthy. 

headphones // for movies & music (not pictured: cedars baby headphones that are made for sensitive baby ears, it's funny & adorable when he wears them)

chapstick // cause pretty much everyone loves chapstick, cedar included. 

lotion // i get so dry on flights, so lotion is a must have for me. the one pictured is a l'occitane lotion, that i actually got last time we were at an airport, because my hands were dying from dryness. 

i know not everyone that reads my blog is a mom, so you might not find this that interesting, but i think it's fun to see what people take with them places. plus, you kind of get to know them a little better, don't you think? haha 

so, whats in your carry-on? 


  1. ooo i just might have to copy you on that wallet! i've been in the market for a new one and that one looks perrrfect!!

  2. Haha I am definitely the type to fill up a huge bag all on my own. Also I think it's so dumb that people look down on moms letting their kids watch movies on a plane. I mean, COME ON. It's genius.

    1. hahha i seriously used to fill up my bags & i have NO idea how! like, what did i need to bring!? & yeah.. i don't get the whole anti movie thing, it's amazing when kids are quiet for long drives or flights!

  3. I love posts like these. It's always fun to see what someone else has in their bag. It looks like you've got all the essentials!

  4. I am trying to remember what we had in our carry ons when we went to Europe... For sure we had our smart phones and tablets. I won't judge people who let their kids watch movies or play games on a plane ride, especially a transatlantic flight! We totally did it, too. Both our kids were still in diapers so we had plenty of those and wipes, as well as spare outfits. I do know this, we had way too much stuff in our carry ons to start, but after four weeks in Europe we pared it down! That is a big blessing about traveling with kids, you figure out how to just use the essentials and leave behind the excess.