i feel like this week is really dragging on because i keep looking forward to this weekend & next week. next week is semana santa (which is also austin's spring break) & my family is coming to visit! we are going to france friday afternoon to meet up with my mom & go around the normandy beaches for a few days & then flying to portugal where my brother, sister-in-law & nephew will meet us! i'm really excited for the break & to be with family, itll be so nice. i feel like last week never ended & i think it might have to do with austin having to be at school all weekend (more on that below), so a long break is perfect.

& on a completely different note: we have been subbing a sunday school class at church for our friend that just had a baby (by we i mean austin because i normally have to go with cedar to nursery!), & since austin couldn't be there i had to teach. i was pretty panicked since i don't speak spanish & the kids don't really speak english, but luckily there are two american kids in the class that are fluent so they translated what i needed & then i just had them watch a movie, cause i'm a really great teacher :) 

 anyways! this post is slightly random, but oh well! here are some pictures of the things that i see (almost) on the daily. a few of my favorite spots around madrid & some of the going ons in our life here. 
 from top to bottom

1// i pass by this flower shop every time we go to parque retiro & there's just something about it that i fall in love with every. single. time. it's adorable to me. sometimes, depending on the time we go to the park, i see the guy working in the shop setting the entrance up & i always like it. the people here take such pride in their shops & it really shows, especially in shops like this. it always makes me happy to walk by it.

2// madrid may not be known for their amazing architecture or anything, but it has it's good spots. this building is on my walk to a baby class/playgroup that i take cedar to & i always think the building is so pretty. i love all the fa├žades and balconies that are on most of the buildings here.

3// it has been pouring rain for about 4 days (except today), so cedar has been traveling in style with his rain cover. as you can tell, he loves it! haha jk, he doesn't mind it for the most part. it has a velcro window which is both convenient & annoying because he's constantly opening it & yelling "maaa! maaaaa!" whenever he wants something & just putting his hands out in the rain, but whatever.

4// i got this picture of austin pushing cedar yesterday while we were running errands. sometimes its a bit of a bummer being carless when it rains, it just takes so much more effort to be willing to trudge around from place to place, but it's also fun if you've got a good rain jacket & rain boots. cedar has definitely been restless though being cooped up inside the majority of the time, but we let him loose yesterday to run freely in the puddles & he was puuuuuumped! i swear i've never seen him happier.

5// austin had a school workshop this weekend so it was just me & cedar (which is my everyday life, so it shouldn't have been such a bummer, but i love the weekends when austin is here so i was still bummed haha). at first i didn't know what we would do because it was raining but i decided to venture out into the real world & take my little guy on a breakfast date. even though cedar is with me 24/7 i like to refer to our outings as dates, it just sounds more fun, haha. we went to my new favorite spot that just opened & is only two blocks away, so it's perfect! this is a verrrrrrry typical spanish breakfast, except the toast is generally served with a tomato paste rather than butter & jam. but cedar isn't a fan of the tomato so we get jam.

6// i walked in to find cedar sitting down in front of his books, pulling one out, flipping through the pages making "oohs" & animals sounds & then putting it back to grab another one. this kid kills me.

7// just cedar being pumped to go to bed with his panda bear & monkey that he has been obsessed with lately.

8// another thing i really love about madrids architecture is all of the color! the buildings are so many different colors, it's really fun. there are a lot of reds, creams, blues, yellows & white. it just adds a little something to the city, if you ask me.


  1. those colored buildings (and your second picture) are dreamy! i know you said that madird isn't famous for their stunning architecture, but i love that you're still finding things to love in your surroundings. it made me think that i should try to do that more often. (even though - it might be hard in provo, haha)

    i love that picture of cedar in front of the bookshelf! (and the one you put in IG of him reading by himself.) is there anything cuter than little kids reading?? i don't think so!

  2. so pretty! You are definitely never going to regret this time away to travel and just be you, as a family. It's so amazing and I'm a little jealous. ;) I miss european breakfasts!