a couple of weeks ago austin, cedar & i flew to france to meet my mom to kickoff austins spring break! france most definitely remains one of my favorite places i have ever been in europe, you probably think that i say that about every place... & i probably do... but this one is for reals. i have loved france since the first time i visited, nearly 14 years ago & my love has not faded in the slightest, in fact i think my love for france grows more every time i go. 

i'll be honest, i'd never heard of bayeux before or new any of the significance of it except that it's where the bayeux tapestry is, & i only faintly remember hearing about that in one of my art history classes... so, it was all new to me, haha. bayeux was our base while we went around the d-day beaches that are in normandy & it's an adorable little medieval town full of colorful shop fronts, little alleyways & charm. i loved our time we spent in bayeux & definitely recommend visiting. the bayeux cathedral is amazing. it always blows my mind when such a small little town has such gigantic, beautiful buildings, it's so cool to me. plus like i said earlier, it's home to the bayeux tapestry which is really, really impressive... which is probably why it's so famous, plus a UNESCO world heritage site!  the tapestry is a 230 ft. long depiction of the norman conquest of england & there are over 50 scenes shown in the tapestry! plus it's lasted over 9 centuries which is pretty crazy / cool / impressive. just for a little history lesson for ya!  

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