for our 3rd anniversary we went big. at least for us. we got a babysitter for the very first time since moving to madrid & went to a fancy dinner, just the two of us. see? big things.
i was fairly nervous leaving cedar with a sitter, but luckily we found an extremely trustworthy one through a friend that works at the u.s. embassy with my friends husband. it worked out fairly easily since no where is really open before 8, the babysitter arrived right when cedar was going down for the night & naturally this was the one night that he didn't want to go to sleep... kids can seriously tell when you're leaving, it's nuts! once we got him down we were off on our big date.

we went to a restaurant called la bodega de los secretos that's in downtown madrid. we got all dressed up, i even wore a dress & heels which is a rarity these days with all the walking i have to do! by the time we got the the restaurant we had half an hour to kill before our reservation, so we took the opportunity to wander around the downtown area, just the two of us. discovering the city just the two of us was completely different than when cedar is with us. we get so occupied with him, making sure he's happy, not hungry, entertained & just being with him that it was really different without him. we got to wander the streets hand in hand, just the two of us with the city being so romantic & not having a care in the world about anything or anyone else, it was really nice. but don't get me wrong,
the restaurant is one of the cooler places i've gone, it's in madrid's oldest winery that has been transformed perfectly into a restaurant while maintaining all the charm of a cellar. the little cellars are the perfect fit for little, intimate tables, making it a pretty romantic spot. & then there's the food. the food was amaaaaaazing, we were both in heaven. we had delicious ceviche, tomato & burratta cheese salad, great ox tail & delicious desserts. i could go on & on about it. it was also the fastest spanish restaurant i have ever been to. most dinners we go to that start at 9 aren't finished until midnight, but we were out of there within 2 hours which was a surprise to both austin & i! but it was perfect for us to be able to get back to our little sleeping guy & finish the night off with a movie.

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  1. happy happy happy anniversary!! (three "happy"s for three years!) sounds like you guys had a magical anniversary celebration! and that last picture of the ice cream dessert creation looks unreal!