life has been hot & sleepy over here (heat=sleepiness if you're me) so we've been keeping it mellow. this was the last week for all of the playgroups we go to until the middle of september. it's so weird to me that this happens. it was especially weird when all the mama's were saying their goodbyes to one another, i've gotten used to seeing these ladies multiple times a week & now i'm not going to see most of them until mid september. it's weird! the city is definitely starting to clear out & it shows as you walk around, it's a little less crowded & i'd be lying if i said it wasn't nice, haha. i've been spending most of the days at the park eating all the popsicles & ice cream offered to me, going to the pool with friends, & finishing up details on our summer trips. i'm really excited for those to come up! i've been getting a lot of inspiration from pinterest (naturally, am i the only one that turns to pinterest when planning trips!?) & thought i'd share some of my pinspiration! happy weekend everybody!
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  1. yes! pinterest is the best for vacation inspiration! these pics are GORGEOUS. can't wait to see all the dazzling places you guys are going!

  2. i love these pictures! can i come too!