i have to admit, i'm pretty surprised i haven't blogged since july. SO MUCH HAS BEEN GOING ON! i normally would have blogged about all of it, but i just didn't this time around & after some thinking i've decided it all started with the crash of my computer that i mentioned it sometime before i stopped blogging. having my computer crashed pretty much just ended my using computer all together, not that i didn't have access to another computer or that was a conscious decision, i just sort of stopped. i guess all i can say is i like working from my on computer with my own programs & my own stuff, you know what i mean? anyways, sometime after my computer crashed cedar & i trekked across the world to sunny california to get away from the awful madrid heat while austin was in the middle of finals & from that point on i can honestly say i did not touch a computer or even look at blogs. from mid july-now, i have not done any blog stalking whatsoever, which is sort of an accomplishment cause i used to look at them religiously, but it's also not an accomplishment because i do actually miss it & am looking forward to getting back into the habit, haha. so yeah, that's where i've been i guess.. computer-less & on vacation, so i guess not toooo much has been going on, but now i have my computer back & i am not on vacation so i'll be back on here again. hurray!
now that we've got that extremely long & dumb excuse out of the way, here's a bit of a two month recap in a nutshell: california >> utah >> mexico >> utah >> california! 

sidenote: while i didn't use my computer, i also apparently didn't use my camera that i took for the trip, & didn't really even take pictures on my phone. i guess i was just really into a technology free summer (unintentionally).

june & july were insanely hot here in madrid & to be completely honest it was totally miserable. austin & i had been planning to go back to the states for the last week of july, so i decided to go back a week earlier to end my heat-induced misery! & to see my family, of course. cedar & i went to california for 10 days & had so much fun! we went to the beach with our friends & family, got caught in a freak thunderstorm at the beach which doesn't really happen in july in southern california, had all the foods i had been missing, & just lounged about. it was really relaxing & just what i had been hoping for. 
from california we went to utah where we excitedly met up with austin & got to see his family & our friends that are up there. visiting somewhere you used to live is hard & busy work! there were so many people we wanted to see, things we wanted to do, places we wanted to eat & not enough time, but we did our best to fit it all in & i'd say we did pretty good! austin's family had a big family bbq one our first days we were there & it was sooo good, austin & i had both been craving bbq food & it really hit the spot. while we were in utah we went fishing, austin managed to squeeze a trip to montana to visit his brother into the week, i had a cousins yoga night, we saw lots of friends & lots of family. it was really so much fun. also, cedar got a haircut which is pretty big news. now when i look back at photos with his long hair i wonder why i didn't cut it earlier. 
the next leg of our trip was to puerto vallarta, mexico, we went for 10 days with my whole side of the family! it was really cool being able to be there with everyone because we don't get to be all together a whole lot since we're all strewn about the world right now. i love getting to see & spend time with everyone especially my nieces & nephews because they grow & change so much in just a year, it's crazy! everyone spent their days lounging at the pools & beaches & eating a ton of food, naturally (can you tell a huge part of our trip was eating?! i gained a fair amount of weight while we were back.. worth it)
after mexico austin, cedar, my mom & i went back to utah & pretty much did an exact repeat of the first stop in utah, haha. austin, cedar & i were supposed to leave from to go back to madrid but we had a last minute change of plans & ended up extending through the month of august! we originally had planned to go back to spain & finish out the rest of austins time off on a roadtrip in spain, but it turned out that austin ended up getting some meetings set up for potential jobs in l.a. the last week of august so we decided it would be worth staying for. 
so from utah we went back to l.a. & austin had meetings just about every day which was really awesome & will be even more awesome if something comes from any of the meetings. fingers crossed! while he was at meetings cedar & i hungout with my mom & sister-in-law & her little boy, russie & my friend ashley & her kids a lot. it's so much fun watching cedar with all of my friends kids who are similar ages, i love watching how they all interact with each other. i'm such a mom sometimes! but i can't help it, ha. austin & i also got a chance to see my grandparents while we were home which was really nice, my grandpa has so many amazing stories about his life, i love listening to whatever story it is he comes up with to share. 

after being with our friends & family for so long it was pretty hard to say goodbye, i even teared up a bit on the airplane. we are really lucky that we were able to go back home & see everyone, i really didn't think that we would be going back until austin finishes school in december. now almost every day cedar asks for russie & johnny, which is so cute but also a little heartbreaking. anyways! now we are back in madrid & summer is officially overrrrr, mostly just because austin started school. this term will be great though because he will be home more often which i am pumped about! & next week cedar is going to start going to a little class a couple times a week which i'm really excited about, both for him & for me :) there's our life update.

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  1. kerry i have SO MISSED your blog. your hair is getting so long, i love cedar's haircut, and i'm so glad you had a great summer with family and friends :)