after a lot of waiting (& some slight procrastination on my part) i have finally launched my online shop that i had mentioned a few months ago. i am so excited to actually have it up & running! i actually opened the shop back in july but then i went on a 6 week vacation & sort of dropped the ball on promoting it, getting the word out there & i totally spaced blogging about it, oooooops!

the shop is named The Busy Burro & is full of one-of-a-kind moroccan wedding blankets. my dream & goal is to be able to sell actual moroccan rugs & to branch into textiles from other countries as well, but for now morocco is our primary focus. i got the idea to sell moroccan wedding blankets while we were in morocco last december, they are so beautiful & were totally unlike anything i had seen before. after our trip i had multiple people ask me about if i knew of any shops that sold authentic moroccan wedding blankets online & i got to researching it & realized that for most authentic, handmade wedding blankets stores were charging far more than most people i know were willing to buy. that's when i decided i wanted to create a shop to sell one-of-a-kind, authentic goods for a more reasonable price.

austin, cedar & i went back to morocco for just two days in may to buy the goods that we are selling & we handpicked each & every one. i tried to get a variety in size & pattern & ones that were still in good condition, however since they are vintage they aren't perfect! but a fun fact about moroccan wedding blankets is that they are actually more valuable the older they are! you can easily buy brand new blankets that look perfect & are lovely, but they do not have the history behind them & they are not always handmade. each item that we have in our store is aged at least 15 years & older. every blanket has it's own unique story.

check out The Busy Burro to see more photos of the blankets & check out the F.A.Q. page to learn more about moroccan wedding blankets!

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