you may remember from this post that way back in april austins parents came to visit us here in madrid. while they were here we took a day trip to toledo & i completely forgot to ever write about it! so here i am, a few months later catching up a bit. ha!

45 minutes south of madrid is toledo, a small walled city that is perfect for a quick get-away from the city. toledo is pretty small but is packed full with history, plus it's a UNESCO world heritage site, which we all know i love! it's also known for it's metal-work, so if you need a good knife you should go here. toledo is really cool because it has influences from christian, muslim & jewish cultures, which is a lot of culture for such a small place! we spent our time there wandering around the whole town, visiting the cathedral of toledo, the synagogue of el transito, the muslim & jewish quarters & eating a lot of gelato.
 it's amazing to be living in a place with so much history surrounding it. we definitely have taken for granted the fact that all of these amazing towns are just right next to us, but i'm hoping we will stay exploring more of spain in the next few months!

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