27 months

cedar is constantly making my heart melt. he is the sweetest little dude i could have hoped for. if you follow my instagram then you may know that last week i woke up with a terrible 24 hour bug which left me puking, lethargic & extremely tired. needless to say i was feeling pretty bad but on top of that i felt horrible for cedar, i felt like doing nothing & that is pretty much what i did while he quietly & happily played on his own while watching movies. all. day. long. luckily for me austin had a break at school & was able to come home & entertain cedar for a while. during that time i wasn't doing too hot & it melted my heart when i heard cedar asking austin: "daaaaad, mom? she ok?" he was so concerned for me. & while i was wasting away on the couch he would come & ask "mom, you ok?" he was so worried about me that he even parted with his beloved blanket & stuffed animals to let me cuddle up with them, he was the sweetest. the next day i woke up feeling 100% better, thank goodness, so i took cedar to the park since he had been cooped up the whole day before. the entire time we were at the park cedar made sure to hold my hand & ask if i was ok. it was adorable.

these two days were a huge reminder of how much he is growing, learning & changing. i don't want to forget these moments so i have began writing down little things he says in my journal & figured i should document on here as well, cause that's what this blog is all about! documenting our life!

cedar is talking soooo much & comes up with the funniest things to say. dinosaurs are currently all the rage in cedars world & with that has come an obsession with land before time. he has even started calling his dinosaurs the names from the movie... he has a cera, foot (little foot) & tooth (sharp tooth), he also like to point at all the leaves in the trees saying "look! tree star!" ... about ever 5 feet we have to look at the tree stars, haha. cedar has also gotten really into "scare" as he calls it, which is when he scares me or austin, normally by putting his hands up by his face & going "rooooooooaaaaaar! scare you!" & we pretend scream. he could do this all day long if i'd let him, he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world & i love watching him giggle after every scare he gives us. multiple times a day  cedar asks me to let him take a bath, he loves to be in the tub but sadly for him, he can't take a bath 5 times a day! but every once in a while, after i tell him he can't have another bath, he'll lay on the floor kicking & wiggling his arms & say: "swimmmmin, swimmmin, splash! splash! splash!" & i find it really entertaining, especially because he never does this when he is actually in the tub. he also like to try & get me to join him in his bath by pulling on my pant leg saying "pants, off! mama, bath!" to which i politely decline, but it's nice to know i'm wanted.

i love this little boy more than i could have ever imagined.


  1. I looove reading your descriptions of the things Cedar does and says. he is so adorable. :)

  2. you are the cutest mama and cedar is the luckiest. also i love that he calls leaves tree stars!!

  3. This is the sweetest post! I basically just retold it all to my husband after I read it. We're going to have our first baby this March and just found out it's a boy, so reading about your sweet Cedar is getting me so excited!