while we were in london we went to the natural history museum & it was a huuuuuge hit, especially with cedar. natural history museums are like hitting the jackpot for kids, they seriously love them. cedar is currently pretty into dinosaurs & they had a whole dinosaur installation going on & he was so excited about it. around every corner he would point, scream, giggle, stare & was constantly telling austin & i to look at the dinosaurs. my favorite was when he needed me to hold him to walk by one of the t.rex dino's, it's adorable seeing him stare at these replicas totally believing that they are 100% alive. childhood is seriously so cool.

after the natural history museum we loaded cedar up in his stroller, got him all comfy & made our way to notting hill. i had never been to notting hill but have obviously heard & seen a lot about it & really wanted to check it out for myself & i was not disappointed. it is the cutest, happiest little spot. we walked along through portobello market taking it all in & loving all of the bright colors & flowers that are all over the place.


  1. notting hill is such a dream. loving all of the photos!

    1. it really, really is! i could have spent so much longer than we did there!