when we got back to madrid in the beginning of september, we started cedar in a little class twice a week at this adorable place named baby deli. cedar goes to one class that is in english & another that is in spanish for three hours a time & he absolutely loooooooves it. it's pretty adorable, he gets so excited when we arrive & i tell him he gets to go down to class. he seriously thrives on going & he adores his teacher. they have music time, gym time, play time, arts & crafts time, snack time, basically any 'time' imaginable for kids. i love knowing that he is getting the interaction with other kids & is confident enough in himself that he doesn't need me to be there with him. the first couple of times he insisted i stay, but now he could care less when i tell him i'm leaving which is fulfilling for me as a mom but also kind of like, "hey.. what about me, cedar?" haha but seriously, it's great because i get 3 whole free hours to myself. hurray!

at first i had no idea what to do with myself with my new found free time, so i just sat in the cafe, but now i've started to go on walks around the neighborhood, run errands, or go wander around in retiro (it's directly across the street) & have some me time. i'm loving it. i take a book, my journal & a coloring book with me every time i go & i just find a little spot to write/draw/read or color; it's been amazing. i was feeling a major disconnect from myself there for a minute because i was rarely writing my actual feelings down, which is a huge deal for me (you can read other posts about journals here), & i had pretty much stopped making.. anything.. since moving last november. since i've started doing this though i feel so much happier & less stressed, there's something about just putting it out there, writing my feelings down even if no one is going to see them, that makes me feel so much lighter. & as far as my coloring book goes, i think everyone should start this hobby up. i've read a lot about how great it is for people to color & i've always loved to  color, so for me it made sense to buy a coloring book when i found one i liked. i got this really intricate small-ish coloring book that is perfect to throw in my bag. whenever i color i totally zone out in it & i love it, it gives me a really similar feeling to how i felt when i used to paint all of the time, but it's a little less hassle than painting was, especially when i'm on the go & have cedar with me! not only that though but it has totally instilled a new sense of creativity within myself & has lead me to start drawing/doodling again which i just hadn't for a while. i'm in love with my coloring book for this & i encourage everyone to go get one!! turn some music on, turn off your phone & zone out. it's good for the soul.

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