how far along are you? whenever someone asks how far along i am i can never decide whether i should respond in week terms or month terms. i mean, unless the person asking is pregnant, the weeks probably won't mean anything, i know it wouldn't to me, even after i had cedar. you tend to forget those things quickly! but then it's hard to give it in terms of months cause it's more of a rough estimate, sooo that being said i'm 26 weeks, roughly about 6 months!

sleep? meh. i don't see my sleep improving anytime soon, let's just put it that way. i can nap like a champion though! i don't know what the difference is for me between naps & actual sleep, but naps seem to be a lot easier for me. 

movement? all day every day this little guy is squirming around! at my last ultrasound my dr. said "he does not stop moving. he is an active baby, you will be busy!" so i have that to look forward to.

symptoms? at my last appointment i learned i have anemia with this pregnancy, so i suppose that would be considered a symptom. i now have to take a little powder packet every morning -which i'm pretty happy about cause it actually tastes like candy & i thought it would be in pill form & i really do not handle pills well- & try to eat a lot of iron rich foods. i looked up symptoms of anemia in pregnancy though & it says it can make you sleepy, so i'm thinking that's why i am still so tired all the time! but i have felt a bit better since having my medicine!

cravings? i have been craving a really good steak lately, but have no way of cooking one (i'm sure you can cook steak on a stove top or in the oven, buuuut i don't know how to go about that & am not sure i actually want to learn) so i'm hoping there will be one in my near future. & fries, i crave a lot of fries.

looking forward to? the holidays! totally un-baby related, but it's what i'm really looking forward to! plus once the holidays happen, it's practically baby time in my mind, so it's exciting :)


  1. You might be craving steak because of the anemia! I have always had issues with anemia and eating lots of red meat helps. Also, gorgeous pictures!!

    1. ahh that is such a good point, i don't know how that didn't cross my mind. i'll blame it on the pregnancy brain :)