germany at christmas is a dream with all of their christmas markets. everything looks like a story book, plus there is delicious food everywhere which makes any place better in my book. from venice we flew to munich where we met up with my mom for the second half of our trip. the first day we went around the city & checked out the christmas markets in munich with my mom & austin's parents which was really fun. since my mom lives in california & austin's parents are in utah we are never all together so i sort of wondered how it would be, but it turned out to be really great! the days we we're in munich i didn't take a single picture, which is strange, but i guess i was just really into being with everyone & couldn't be bothered! 

from munich we went to rothenburg which is a tiny medieval town that is insanely adorable. honestly there isn't a whole lot to do there, at least from what i know of it, but i definitely think it's worth stopping in for a afternoon or night if you are going around that part of germany. it's seriously adorable, i fell more & move in love with it on every street.

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