we have officially been back in the states for a little over one week & it has been the busiest week ever. with packing up our apartment, austins graduation, coming home, getting ready for christmas, having christmas & driving up to utah, we have not had a lot of down time. & i definitely have not had blog time whatsoever! despite all the busyness of the holidays. we've been soaking up all the family time we can get & catching up with the friends e have missed, so it's been pretty great.

it was so nice to be home for christmas again &  get to spend it with our family. christmas eve we had the annual christmas eve party & my mom got everyone in the family these "ugly" (i actually kind of like them..) sweaters to wear for the party which were a big hit. please take note of my reindeer nose right on my large belly. everyone loved to touch it, haha. & the next day we watched as the kids went wild with their gifts, had breakfast & a lazy day. it was all that i could have hoped for. also, cedar did not open a single present on christmas day. when he came into the room he saw a few gifts that weren't wrapped & was immediately obsessed with them & could not be bothered to open anything, so i got to open all of his gifts for him. kids are the funniest.

 I hope everyone had a magical christmas & soaked it all in while you could. i'm always sad christmas is only one day, does anyone else think it should be stretched out for at least three, or is that just me?!
if we could just insert my other brother & his family & photoshop my eyes to actually be open, this would be a really great family photo. sadly i'm not that skilled at photoshop, haha. 

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