i've been thinking it would be fun to do a monthly post based off my favorite products/foods/whatever from that month. i am always really interested in what other people say they are currently loving & what not, so i figured why not do it myself? so here is the start to my little monthly series: am currently loving.
EOS SHAVING CREAM // i now know this has been around for a while, but when we went to target for the first time after moving back i was really, really excited about all of the "new" eos products that i hadn't seen before since they don't carry it in spain. i decided to try the shaving cream & have really liked how rich & creamy it is, it really protects your skin from getting dry from shaving which is exactly what i need since i have dryer skin.

OGX HYDRATE + REPAIR ARGAN OIL OF MOROCCO CREAMY HAIR BUTTER // this stuff makes your hair so silky smooth. i use it once a week & i swear after the first time i used it i could see it working magic on my hair. my hair immidiately felt & looked healthier & softer. it also has strengthened the ends of my hair, which is something i think every girl wants, right? you can also use this stuff as a body butter, so it's basically a two in one beauty product :)

TANGLE TEEZER // when i first saw this brush i was instantly interested & admittedly skeptical, but i wanted to try it anyways because i had seen them around & heart people loved it & let me tell you, it was a good purchase. i thought my hair would be too thick for the brush but it truly does get out all of the tangles i get from washing my hair, sleeping & life. i've got a two & a half year old who loves to put his toys in my hair, so you can imagine the tangles i get from this. the brush works amazingly & my favorite part is that it is so small & compact, it fits in the palm of my hand, that it can easily be thrown into my purse if need be. you should go buy one.

BURTS BEES FACIAL CLEANSING OIL // at first i thought using oil to wash my face was a weird idea, but i've got really dry skin & thought that the oil would help moisturize it, & it has! i don't use it as my daily face wash, but i use it a few times a week to add some more moisture to my skin & my skin has felt less dry. it's also really great for removing eye makeup.

M.A.C. PATENTPOLISH LIP PENCIL // i got two of these while we were in austria in december & have used one of them every. single. day. since. i am obsessed, i truly love them. they go on a bit light but can darken up with more layers which i actually really like because depending on my mood or where i'm going sometimes i want a softer look, but some color on my lips, so this is perfect for me. they are also really moisturizing, which is key for me because i feel like my lips are always chapped, & there is a bit of a sheen to the lip pencils which i wasn't sold on at first, but have grown to like. the colors i have pictured are ruby & spontaneous, if you were wondering :) 

CONAIR BOBBY PINS // k, everyone knows about bobby pins but these bobby pins are on another level than just the average ones. instead of having the little zigzags on the top, they are slightly curved to fit the curve of your head & they are the strongest bobby pins i have ever used. they were an accidental purchase & the best accidental purchase i've made. you don't need to use nearly as many of them as you would the zigzag ones either, so your pack lasts longer. at least it lasts longer if you're like me & are constantly loosing bobby pins. i highly recommend trying these guys out.

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO // dry shampoo is one of those things that i'm convinced everyone needs in their lives. i don't understand how people live without it. i also don't know how i have never tried batiste's dry shampoo before, it is truly amazing. not only is it great for when you don't want to wash your hair, but it adds texture & just a bit of oomph to your hair. it also smells amazing. PLUS! it comes in colors, blonde, brunette, black, pink, so many color options. i have loved this dry shampoo & definitely recommend it to anyone that is in the market for a dry shampoo. or even if you aren't in the market, you should still pick some up.

BURTS BEES FACIAL CLEANSING TOWELETTES- CUCUMBER & SAGE // these are amazing for when you're being lazy & don't want to actually want to wash your face (me almost every single night). i've been keeping these by the side of my bed cause i found that i was going to sleep with my makeup on far more than i should & when i kept them in the bathroom i just would forget to use them, but since i put them by my bed it's a constant reminder for me. i have loved the way they make my skin feel, how great they smell

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