Austin's parents kindly watched our boys while we went camping for a couple of nights with our friends Tanner & Nicole & it was so much fun. This was the first time I ever left Milo over night which made me feel so anxious in the beginning, but luckily I was able to relax & was reassured he was completely fine. It was so good to have some one-on-one time with Austin & to be able to completely relax. We went to our favorite spot, the City of Rocks up in Idaho & had a blast. We got there Wednesday night so we just set up camp & had a fire before heading to sleep so that we could have a full day of climbing on Thursday. Unfortunately we woke up & found out we had to move campsites cause someone had reserved the site we were on for Thursday, so we didn't get to climbing till mid-day. It was so good to get out & climb again, Austin & I hadn't climbed since before we moved to Spain, which seems like a lifetime ago! I was nervous about it since I hadn't been in so long, but it was so refreshing & totally gave me the climbing bug again, I can't wait for us to get out some more in the upcoming months. We did a multi-pitch climb & Austin was a trooper, packing our lunch up to the top so we could eat at the top of the climb & hangout.

I'm excited to get out camping again & take both the babes, we went camping & climbing so much when Cedar was tiny & it was so much fun, I can't wait to take Milo with us & to hopefully get Cedar out climbing.


I started seeing pictures of these bright, gigantic, & colorful rocks online a couple of months ago & after finding out that they we're outside of Las Vegas, I knew I had to go next time we drove to Utah, so that is just what we did. Last week we headed up to Utah to go to our friends wedding & used to seven magic mountains as a great stopping point to stretch out & let Cedar get his wiggles out. The Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation done by Ugo Rondinone & is going to be up for 2 years, so you've got some time to stop by if you are interested. The towers are huge, ranging between 30 & 35 ft. high & each with different painted boulders. You can see them across the desert, when you're driving on the I-15 you can see them off in the distance.


I fell so in love with the little houses speckled across the island that we saw on our morning walks that I decided they deserved a post all on their own. I started taking pictures of the different houses that caught my attention & totally felt like a creep in doing so, haha.


k, we wrapped a hand towel around Cedars waist & he was so cute! He looks like a little adult, he also really reminded me of Home Alone haha
Haha, Cedar being SO over our walk
I put flip-flops on when I got dressed this morning cause I knew we we're going to the beach after, but Cedar saw my red shoes & kept saying "mommy wear your red shoes?" & I thought it was so cute that he wanted me to wear them, so I did :)
Milo turned 5 months while we were there & I have been dying to give him food, so we celebrated by letting him have his first taste. he LOVED it.
I've had the travel bug for years & I think the only other person that has it as bad as I do is my mama, I definitely inherited it from her. She is always looking into the next place to go, whether it's across the globe or somewhere nearby, she's always planning the best trips (she's also known for planning very last minute, drop everything you can, trips which i am a big fan of) & this was one of them. Last Monday she told Austin & I that she had the bug to go somewhere & come Wednesday we were off to San Diego to stay on Coronado island. The trip was so much fun. Even though I grew up & currently live in southern California, I have only been to San Diego a handful of times, so it was completely new territory for me & I fell in love with what I saw. 

We went to Sea World which was a HUGE hit with my animal loving Cedar. He was recently introduced to Octonauts & knows so many random sea animals, so he was really excited to see quite a few of the animals he has learned about! While Sea World was really fun for that reason, it was also so stressful for me for two big factors: 
1. an hour after getting there I came to the realization that I am the most forgetful person & I had left Milo's formula container at the hotel, so we only had enough for a 2 oz. bottle, I had major mom guilt over that. Luckily there was a store really close so I fed him what we had & took him to the store where he actually  fell asleep, so it really did work out, but I still felt so bad! I have seriously turned into THE most forgetful person since having him, I blame it on my mom brain :) 
2. We started potty training Cedar (again) on Monday, so we were potty training him on the trip which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was stressful at Sea World because we were having to run him all over the place trying to find the bathrooms since we didn't know where they were, then waiting in lines & all that.. it was just really stressful. Luckily he was a champ & didn't have any accidents. 

Besides going to Sea World, we stayed on the island which was perfectly fine by me, because Coronado is the absolute cutest, little beach town island with the coolest vibes. It feels so local, even though it was flooded with tourists, & super small town even though it is directly across from down town San Diego. It's seriously so cool & if Austin & I could, I'm pretty sure we would move there ASAP. Our kids have been waking up on the earlier side of things the past few weeks & usually it really bums me out (i love sleeping!), but we took those early mornings & used them to our advantage by throwing the kids in the stroller right after Milo's morning bottle & walking around the little island exploring what it had to offer. Walks around new places are my favorite way to get to know a new spot, you get such a different feel for a place when you walk the streets than you do when you just drive through, I love it. Every morning we would walk along the beach, through different neighborhoods admiring all of the houses (this called for an entirely separate post devoted to these houses) & we even found the most delicious little donut shop that we stopped by every morning.  After our walks we would head back to the hotel for some more breakfast with the rest of the family & would head either to the beach or the pool & spend our days running around the babies.