Do you ever make great, big plans that you are way too excited for just to have every little thing go wrong? It totally happened to us. A couple weeks ago Austin found out he would have two weeks free while his friend that he is starting a company with was finishing up his MBA. They were anticipating a meeting in Salt Lake & after that, Austin would have time off. We decided to take his time off & set out on a two week roadtrip, we were pretty excited & had come up with a great route: Salt Lake City, Utah >> Bozeman, Montana >> Portland, Oregon >> Trinidad, California >> San Francisco, California >> Home. We we're going to make pitstops along the way, but this was our general idea & it was going to be great, until everything went awry.

The day we had decided to leave I ended up taking Milo to the doctor for a bad cough & cold which we found out was a case of RSV which is pretty scary for little babies to have, so we decided to stay home a couple more days to make sure he was getting better. Fast forward 5 days & we set out on the road with the approval of our doctors & no joke half way to Utah Cedar started coughing so badly. Luckily he did not have RSV, just a cold which was such a bummer because we had been on the mend! A day after getting to Utah I got the same cold Cedar had & then Austin got a cold, so we were all sick. After spending a couple days in Utah we we're trying to decide what to do for our trip since we had lost so much time from Milo's sickness. We thought to just cut out Montana, then we cut out Oregon, then we decided to just go San Francisco & down, which changed to an entirely new road trip schedule to go somewhere we had never gone, which also didn't work out & then we thought we had the perfect route planned through central Utah, but there ended up being flash floods! So we decided it was not meant for us to go on a road trip & we ended up just coming home! Major fail but still worth it.

Since we were all a bit sick for the majority of our trip, we didn't get together with as many friends as we wanted because we didn't want to get everyone else's kids sick, but we managed to hangout with a few friends which is always a good time. We ventured up the canyons as much as possible so I could get a good dose of fall & I absolutely loved it. The leaves were beautiful with so many vibrant greens, yellows, oranges & reds, it made me feel like I was in Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls anyone?). We drove through the Alpine Loop to Sundance & got breakfast & rode the lift up to see all of the colors & let Cedar run around. Utah in the fall is unlike anywhere else, I miss living there when the seasons change, it is always the best time.


Despite the fact that Milo will be 7 months next week.. & that September is almost over I need to get Milo's 6 month post up! It makes me sad just how bad I have been at doing monthly posts for him, but it has been pretty busy around here. Anyways! Milo turned 6 months September 2 & it kind of broke my heart a little to think that he's already half a year old! He's not a tiny little babe any more & even though it's so fun as he grows up, I'm sad that he is so big already. He is really big too, way too long for 6 month clothes!

A few things about milo at 6 months:

+He is 20 lbs
+28 inches long
+Rolling all over the place
+Loooooooooooooooving food SO much, Milo is constantly eating or grabbing at food
+He has one tooth that has broken through & one that is just about to. So far he is a pretty good teether, but I can tell that it's hurting him which is so sad. With Cedar he never cried or fussed when it came to teething so this is all new territory for me & it's the saddest.
+Milo is pretty calm & relaxed, unless he has a dirty diaper or is hungry, then he is amazingly loud.
+He is trying so hard to get on a level to be able to play with Cedar, always taking Cedar's toys when they are within reach & you can tell he wants to be part of everything. He's doing his best to sit up but is still a bit floppy when it comes to it. I think as soon as he sits up he will be on the move though cause he already tries to work those legs of his when he's on his belly & I do not think I am prepared to have two movers yet.


We spent last week on sunny, warm, beautiful Oahu & it was absolutely perfect. We went with my mom & stayed at Disney's Aulani hotel & I'm pretty sure I have never seen Cedar happier than he was while we were there. We spent every day chasing that boy around the different pools, playing shark, going on the "crazy river" as Cedar called it, & playing on the kids water jungle gym. If we weren't there then we were at the beach teaching him how to boogie board, building sand castles & all that good stuff. Our little Milo boy was also happy as could be as long as he was in the water, that baby of ours is such a water lover, I have a feeling he's going to be a little fish once he can learn how to swim. Anytime he's in the water or bathtub he goes wild kicking & giggling, it's the cutest. 

The hotel has characters going around throughout the day & a character breakfast that Cedar had so much fun at. HE loved seeing the characters throughout the day & was always waving & trying to show them whatever toy he had with him, it was so cute. He was so excited about the character breakfast, we saw Mickey, Minnie & Goofy but he kept asking where Donald was, ha. At the breakfast they had different activities & songs for the kids to participate in & that sort of thing usually isn't Cedar's jam, but he totally loved it this time around & it was so fun & cute to watch.

One day we went over to the north shore to check out Waimea Falls & meet up with some good friends from growing up who moved over there a while ago. Unfortunately for us it had been pouring rain the day before & the Falls were too strong to swim in the water & it was a bit brown from all of the rain, but the walk up there was absolutely beautiful. They have opened up a couple restaurants over there that are super good, so we had to go over & grab some food & spend the day catching up.

It was the most perfect & relaxing week, I didn't touch a computer once the entire trip & was in bed ASLEEP everyday by 9:30 p.m. haha, we are such parents but, it was totally perfect. I think I could definitely get used to that island lifestyle.