I felt like I hadn't been to the beach in forever, so last week some friends & I decided to take our six kids to the beach & it was a perfect day, perfect with a little of wild :) I've said it before & I will say it again, kids are meant to be at the beach! They had so much fun running through the sand, up & down the lifeguard tower, chasing waves & birds. 

I love the two pictures above. You can totally see Milo eyeing down Willa's boy & then going for it!

Going to the beach with kids can be daunting to people that don't go that often & a lot of people ask how I do it. With kids you obviously have a lot of stuff to haul to the beach but I try my hardest to pack light & this is what I take with me:

Beach tent: this is by far the easiest tent to put up & take down that offers the most amount of coverage, we got it at Costco & it was only $40! 

Beach blanket: I prefer to take blankets rather than towels because they cover more space & if it gets chilly it's a dual use :) I have an old really thin, linen blanket that I take & have designated as my beach blanket & it stays in my beach bag, so that sand doesn't go everywhere.

Baby carrier: I use a carrier to bring milo down to the beach with me so that I can carry all of the other gear & Cedar gets to walk & carry whatever he can!

Beach bag: I have two bags that I go between using, one is made out of mesh which is awesome cause sand just falls through! & the other is a Poler bag that is smaller & can be carried as a tote or backpack which is great. 

In my beach bag: 
- Snacks
- Spray Sunscreen
- Sunshirt/extra shirt for both boys
- Face sunscreen
- A few shovels, buckets, cars
- Water Bottles
- Lip Chapstick
- Smaller bag with diapers, wipes, pull-ups (for if we have a long day & Cedar naps on the drive home). I leave this bag in my beach bag or in the garage so that I don't get my daily little diaper bag all sandy.

A couple of beach hacks I grew up with & have discovered not everyone that did not grow up going to the beach often knew is to ALWAYS bring baby powder because it takes sand off instantly. I drench both my boys in baby powder before putting them back into the car to try & contain how much sand comes back with us. & baby oil removes tar! I sort of avoid the beaches that are known for having a lot of tar, but you can't always guarantee someone won't step in some so its pretty handy to bring along. 

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