Can you believe that I grew up an hour north of LA & had never been to the LACMA? Yeah, me either. I have been to hundreds of museums in my life from around the world but I always forget to explore what's near me. I always have the intention of going to all these super cool places, but then I get sucked into daily life & never go, but luckily the other day my friend Jann invited me to go to the Arts District of LA with her & I took her up on it. Jann is in the midst of starting a wedding dress line & is always running around LA doing all sorts of cool things, so she is a pretty good person to go with. The boys & I tagged along with her & her daughter to drop off some of her dresses, got lunch at the delicious Cafe Gratitude & topped the day off with a stop to the LACMA.

Cafe Gratitude is right in the Arts District. It has the cute heart wall outside of it & the restaurant is all about positive vibes & reinforcements. You don't order the typical way at Cafe Gratitude saying: "I want the chicken" its set up in a way that the items have names like, happy, brilliant, celebrating, etc & you order by saying: "I am brilliant". It's super unique & delicious. The restaurant is Completely vegan too. I highly recommend going if you're in the area, they have a few different locations throughout LA, so check it out.

After lunch we hit of the LACMA. Our time there was short, partly due to three kids that hadn't napped & the fact that I think Cedar almost got us kicked out... but it was well worth it & I will definitely be going back soon. It's a pretty big museum with amazing pieces. Cedar & Addison, Jann's little girl, loved the yellow installation that they could run around in & the classic light posts outside. They had so much fun chasing each other through the lights, it was pretty cute watching them play. There is also a kids room where they can draw & paint which was pretty fun, but besides that not a whole lot for the kids & cedar just about gave one of the guards (& me) a heart attack when he touched one of the modern installations inside the museum that was not to play with & then proceeded to run away from me & jump onto a stand that a piece of artwork was displayed on... talk about wild. That's what I get for forgetting my second stroller seat when going to a museum! After that we headed outside so the kids could get their wriggles out.

Oh & Jann & I were totally twinning, which is pretty cool :)

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