Since Milo started eating I've tried to give him only organic foods & make the majority of what he eats, but that is pretty time consuming, especially when I have a toddler to chase after! So I try to split it by feeding him homemade food at home & giving him pouch foods while we're on the go because they're a lot easier & Milo is really loves to feed himself. One of my favorite baby food companies I have discovered since having milo is Once Upon a Farm. Their baby food is 100% organic & preservative free, which is pretty hard to find in baby foods. Since these baby foods are preservative free they have to be stored in the fridge & served cold. 

Once Upon a Farm offers so many different flavor options which is really cool, they combine such interesting foods together & Milo has loved every flavor he has tried. One of my favorite things about this brand is the little clear window on the package allowing you to actually see the food that your baby is eating. I really hate how you can't see the food in many of the pouch foods, so this is a huge plus in my book. 

If you are wanting to give your baby organic, fresh made & unprocessed foods I definitely recommend checking out Once Upon a Farm

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