This past week we went to a Christmas tree lot to take Christmas card photos for our good friends Ashley & Jake (who also took a few for us too!), & to pick up a Christmas tree! I am so happy Christmas season is here, it is truly the best, everything is more magical. The kids looooved running through the lot, weaving in & out of all the trees. I think we were about to get kicked out but then Austin & I told them we were actually going to buy a tree, haha! They were playing hide & seek in the trees & by the end of it were covered in dirt. We spent at least two hours in the lot taking pictures while the kids played, it was really so much fun. Ashley family is so photogenic, while Cedar literally kicked & screamed while we attempted pictures of our family! Luckily Ashley was able to manage a few good ones with him. Austin & I had the hardest time picking out a tree, I felt bad for the kid helping us because he was pulling out so many trees, spinning them & following us up & down the aisles, haha, but we did find the perfect tree, so it was all worth it!


  1. kerry these are perfect! your little family is the sweetest and as always, you are killin it with your style. hot mom goals.

  2. adorable . your family is golden, and milo's onesie in xmas tree pix is the cutest