JANUARY // matching with my boo at the beach

FEBRUARY// beach days all month long waiting for baby to come

MARCH // Cedar & Milo meeting for the first time
APRIL // First family outing to the Getty
MAY // China
JUNE // Cedars third birthday!
JULY// Roadtripping to Utah & Jackson Hole, hiking with the family
AUGUST // Austin & I went camping with friends while the babies stayed with grandma & grandpa 
SEPTEMBER // family trip to hawaii 
OCTOBER // donut costume for halloween

NOVEMBER // Thanksgiving spent in the snow in Utah
DECEMBER // Christmas

2016 was a year full of learning. We learned how it is to have two kids, we learned a new groove & what works best for us as a family of 4. We learned how to lean on each other through difficulties & how to accept help from those around us. We learned the struggles that come with starting a business on your own but we also learned how important it is to keep trying. We have had a lot of ups & a lot of downs this year but it has also been a lot of fun. We got to spend so much time together as a family with Austin working primarily from home. We soaked up all the time that we could together, going to the beach, going to disneyland a lot, making little road trips here & there, checking out California as much as we can going up to Santa Barbara all the way down to San Diego. It has been a fun year. 

The year may not have gone how we imagined, moving in with my Mom last December we had plans to move out around April, but here we are still living with my Mom. It has really been such a blessing that we have been able to live with her while Austin has been pursuing his dream job. There have been a lot of times that we talked about him taking a job elsewhere for a big company, but we both knew that was a short term fix, that he would most likely work crazy hours & not love the job which wasn't what either of us wanted. So we decided to push through the trials of starting up a company, ending it & then ending up getting a really great job offer that will take us in the direction we want to go. WE have been pretty lucky despite how unlucky we may have been feeling during all the hardships. I'm so proud of Austin for being so persistent & not letting it get him down, that he kept trying. To see his hard work pay off has been the best. 

2016 was fun & I think it was a year that we needed to go through. We have come so much closer in the last year, it's really amazing. I think Cedar, Milo & I are all going to have Austin withdrawals once his new job starts & he gets busy, so we are going to soak up the free time that we have left! I'm excited to see what 2017 brings us.


  1. kerry you have such a darling family, and you guys always seem to be doing something outside or adventurous, i love it!! good luck to austin in his new job!!

    1. ahh thank you kayla! you are ALWAYS the nicest :)