In just one month by baby boy is going to be ONE! I can't get over that. He has been such a cute & fun baby, I love every phase more than the last. Milo at 11 months is 24 lbs, 33 inches, he is such monster. I sort of don't know where he came from, but this boy is big. He has outgrown all of this clothes & is wearing Cedar's old 18 month clothing! He's going to be a giant when he grows up. Milo is crawling all over the place. He has the ability to zero in on staircases no matter where we are, loves to use his walker to get around the house, & just about anything else he can push in front of him, i.e. stools, baskets, toy barns... literally anything. 

He is a constant stream of noise, whether he is babbling "mamma", "dadada", or just humming & moaning while he eats, he is always making noise. It is really cute when he moans when he eats, you can really tell how much he loves his food, haha. One of my favorite things about him is right before I give him food, when he sees it he smacks his lips together so much & so loud, I think it's adorable. 

Milos favorite foods are: applesauce, raspberries, smoothies (have not made a single smoothie he has turned away), & a whole lot of bread. He always tries to get his little hands into the toilet bowl (something I never had to worry about with Cedar!) & loves to unroll allllllllllllll of the toilet paper. 

I love this boy with all of my heart.

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