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I am sleeps number one fan. I'd even go as far as to say that sleep is one of my favorite activities. I love getting cozied up in a blanket & snuggling down to go to sleep but, then again, who doesn't? Pre kids I had no need for a sleep schedule because I didn't have two little people depending on me day in & day out, now that I'm a mama that has totally changed. It has taken me a while but I have finally accepted the fact that I don't get to sleep as often or whenever I want, which makes it all the more cherished when I actually do lay down. It has also been difficult to realize how important a nighttime routine is & I'm not talking about one for my kids, but one for me.

It sounds a little funny, an adult with a nighttime routine, but it is totally beneficial & helps out SO much. It's hard for my to turn my brain off, to stop going over my forever long to-do lists, to not worry/stress over whatever it may be & to simply  just relax. Here's an idea of my nightly routine:

Grab a cup of water to take with me
Write in my journal
Read /watch a show

I always take water with my to bed, it says a thing I've done since I was in high school, I like to have it on my side table incase I wake up at night & it is something that has just stuck. Writing in my journal is another habit I've had for years, it helps me to unwind. I don't write a lot everyday, sometimes just a quick blurb, thought, quote, or something cedar has said to me that day. Writing has always been a good way for me to unwind. After writing I a lot of times will watch a tv show or read, just do something I can sort of shut off my mind for & then I follow it up by meditating. I think meditation has been the biggest help in my sleep. When I do this I wake up each morning feeling so refreshed, it's sort of amazing. Another reason I really like this routine is that it's totally transferable, no matter where I am I can do accomplish it. Having a routine to get me mentally prepared to go to sleep has helped me fall asleep quicker & has even helped me get into a deeper sleep & has most definitely made me a better morning person, which is so helpful as a mom of two that wake up early :). One of the most important parts of a good sleep for me is having a good mattress. I love ours so much but if you're looking for one I would totally recommend a Leesa mattress. They are really one of the most comfortable mattresses plus they donate 1 for every 10 they sell to homeless shelters.

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