Isn't it funny how you can live so close to such iconic places but never go? I have been all over the world but I feel like I never experience the places that are close to me. When we moved to California Austin & I came up with a huge list of places we wanted to go in California & we have been slowly chipping away at that list. Today, Austin played hooky from work & we packed the kids up & went to Venice to check out the canals. I have been to Venice soooooo many times but had never gone to the canals. I've seen pictures of them & heard about them from so many people but had never personally gone, so I was pretty excited to go.

Before heading to the canals we walked around the boardwalk, checked out all the fun people that Venice has to offer (which is a lot, if you have never been), watched the skaters do their thing & just hung out. Venice is such a cool, different vibe & it attracts the most interesting crowd. After hanging there for a bit we got the most delicious Mexican food at Plancha Tacos, if you're every in the area definitely eat there! From there we went to the canals. I'm not really sure where I thought they would be, I guess I figured they would be more difficult to get to since I had never been... but they're literally right next to everything else, if that makes any sense. It was maybe a 5 minute walk & bam! We were there. They are pretty cool to see because they're so random! They were originally built in 1905 but a lot were filled in to create roads in the 20s & fell to total disrepair by the 40's. In the 80's the houses existing around what canals were still added to the National Register of Historic places & were then reconstructed in the early 90's.

Cedar loved running the sidewalks surrounding the canals & going on all of the bridges connecting them. Pus, there were a lot of ducks which he was really excited about. It's pretty cool to see them in person & that they were created at all. Definitely check them out if you're ever in the area.

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