From Paris half of the family left to go home & the rest of us flew on to Nice. It was my mom, my sister & her family, my sister-in-law & her two kids & then me & my two kids. It was totally a bit crazy with so many kids & no husbands to help, but we were able to all help each other out & avoided any major meltdowns which feels like a total accomplishment. Nice was such a cute little beach town with such clear, blue, warm water. The beaches were covered in black pebbles & sea glass rather than sand & the kids loooooved it. All day long they were running & down the beach hunting out seagulls, my nephew filled two water bottles worth & Cedar got a good little collection himself! It was so much fun & Milo was in rock heaven. He just sat & threw rocks into the ocean all day long. The rocks weren't very comfy for walking on or anything, but I actually totally loved it because it kept my kids from going into the water, haha.

One day we decided to drive to Monaco since it's so close to Nice & it turned into a huge mess. We were split up in two cars & were following each other the entire time, but finding paring was pretty hard once we were in Monaco & we ended up getting separated & since Monaco is technically a different country, none of our phones were working. My mom & I drove around for 40 minutes trying to find my sister & sister-in-laws car & after not having any luck, we were so over Monaco that we turned around & left without ever getting out of the car! So, we got a really great car tour, haha. We messaged them as soon as we were out of Monaco& luckily they were on the same page because not too long after they also left & were able to call us & meet up in Eze, a little mid-evil town that we drove through when we went to Monaco. Eze is a teeny tiny mountain top, walled village that is totally worth checking out if you're in the area.

Another day we drove to Provence to see all of the pretty lavender fields & I could not have been happier. The fields were soooo pretty & there were so many of them! I was so excite to see all of the flowers & then we discovered a sunflower field & I thought I was in heaven. Seriously, being surrounded by so many flowers is my idea of heaven. The kids were loving running through all of the fields & we actually sort of lost my little nephew in the sunflowers for a couple minutes... the sunflowers are so tall that we couldn't see him & he wouldn't respond to us because he was playing hide & seek he said! So scary. Luckily it was only a couple of minutes though. After our run through the fields we drove to Gordes, one of the coolest little villages I have ever been to. 6 years ago my mom & I went to Gordes with one of my friends & we all fell in love & when we saw that we would be semi nearby, my mom had to go back! We got there right in time for sunset & dinner & it was the perfect time. It was so pretty, the kids loved going through the little village & we ate at a restaurant that had an entire menu but told us we could only order an omelet or pasta, haha.


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