Guys, I am pumped that it is almost October. I've come to realize over the years that Halloween is totally my favorite holiday, with Christmas coming in at a close second. I just love dressing up & seeing everyones costumes! & Since it is almost Halloween,  I thought we could  revisit our family donut costume from last year because it was one of my all time favorite costumes.We were a group of donuts. Cedar had found a donut costume at target & we just went from there for mine, austin's & milo's costume. It was a total crowd pleaser, people loved that milo was a donut in a donut box & it was totally convenient for me just to have fun! him strapped on while we trick or treated with cedar! But, it is totally a doable costume if you don't have a baby strapped on too :). Not all of it was DIY, like I said, we bought Cedar's costume at target. We made the milk carton for Austin & the donut box for Milo & I & then I found little inflatable donuts that I put on the donut box & on a headband for Milo to wear.

3-4 cardboard boxes
Lots of white spray paint
Pink spray paint
Sharpie Paint Marker
Red & White paint for touch-ups
Duct Tape
Hot glue
Box Cutter
Baby Carrier
Inflatable Donuts

For Austin's Milk carton costume we used two large cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other, about 6 cans of white spray paint, a whole lot of duct tape & a little bit of red & black spray paint. Pretty tricky stuff ;) After building the shape of his costume he then got in it & used a box cutter to cut out the holes for his arms & face. The front of his box read: Missing, have you seen me? call.. & then a random made up number. The back of it read: Milk does the body good & the sides said Whole Milk & had cow print painted on it.

My box of donuts costume was a lot easier. I used a box that my friends microwave came in, spray painted it pink & then cut a hole in the bottom for Milos little feet to kick through. The slightly tricky part was cutting the holes for the Baby Bjorn. The way that it worked was I put the Bjorn on & we cut two holes that the Bjorn clips would go through, so the back of the box rested against the back of the Bjorn & then Milos back rested against the box. The way to go! that we did it made it so I didn't have to hold onto the box which was really nice.

If you wanted to wear this costume WITHOUT a baby, all you'd need to do is add ties to the box & wear it around your shoulder & make the box big enough for you to fit in. This was my initial plan until Austin came up with the smart idea of just putting the baby bjorn through it. My original plan was for me to be standing in the box with Milo, so it would have been quite a bit bigger & I was going to use nylons to wear it over my shoulders.

After painting & cutting it, we hot glued two pieces of white tissue paper & these little inflatable donuts that I found on Amazon. They are really cup floaties but they worked perfectly. I then safety pinned one to a soft fabric headband to put on Milos head & we poked holes into a smaller piece of cardboard which we then got glued onto the box "lid" for 2 headbands (figured 2 would be good because it was pretty heavy!) to go through for me to wear

I have to admit, this was by far my favorite costume I have ever created/ thought of / been. & I am pretty proud of myself, haha.

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  1. did the milk costume just rest on the top of your husband's head? I'm thinking of making one for my 3-year old (she wants to be 'almond milk') but I'm afraid if a box is resting on her head, she will be uncomfortable. thanks!