After the lake we stayed in Utah for a week & tried to do as much as possible. We went for hikes in the mountains & did one of my favorite walks around Silverlake up Big cottonwood where we saw two moose! Both of the boys were pumped on seeing them. Austin took Milo & Cedar for rides on his dads 4wheeler & we discovered Milo has a major love for it. After he rode on it he would cry & point at it anytime we walked by the 4wheeler, haha. Cedar loved playing with our friends in Utah, swimming & going to picnics & especially loved playing at Grandma & Grandpas house. We had a bbq with a group of our friends & had a much needed night without the kids when Austin's parents offered to keep the boys for us. We had so much fun & like always felt like we didn't have enough time.

Now it's back to real life & reality. Cedar starts preschool this coming Tuesday & I start on a bowling league on Wednesday. That's right guys, I joined a bowling league! Honestly, I don't even really like bowling & I'm horrible at it, but I joined anyway, just for fun with a couple of friends. Another fun fact of the bowling league is my mom has been playing in it with some friends for a solid 10 years & they are GOOD, but we will get to play against each other every once in a while & I am excited about that!

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