a couple months back I started listening to audiobooks with the boys when we are driving somewhere that is sort of far away. if I'm being honest, I did it for a completely selfish reason. cedar is a complete chatter box & talks my ear off the entire time we are in the car & sometimes I truly can't handle it. he's really into definite answers, so I can never give him a "maybe" or "I don't know" or even a "I'm not sure", it's all gotta be yes or no & you'd think I'd learn not to even try anything else, but I'm a slow learner. sometimes the conversations lead to him being frustrated with me because I'm not giving him a definite answer & a lot of times it leaves me feeling totally exhausted. & that is when I landed on the audiobook idea.

I wasn't sure at first if he would like it & if he would actually listen but, as soon as I started the first book, he was hooked. he listened silently for almost the entire hour something drive & would sometimes ask questions about the book. afterwards I asked him some questions about the book to see if he was actually paying attention & he really was! it was so cute hearing him talk about the book & sometimes I hear him repeating little parts of it when he's playing or something. ever since that first book he has been hooked to books in the car & just about always requests that we listen to one.

I was totally new to the audiobook game, so I wasn't sure what apps to use but I started using the audible app & iBooks audio. for me iBook has been a billion times easier to work with because you can download straight from your phone from the app which is awesome if we finish a book or i forget to do it when we are home, BUT the books are pricey, so that is a major downfall.

audible has been a bit of a trick for me. it's awesome because you can get a lot of children books for a better price than iBooks & sometimes for free, but the number one downfall is that you have get the books through amazon so it's more of a hassle. when i remember to do it though, it's awesome.

the books that cedar has loved the most are:
1. Henry Huggins: anything from this series. we've listened to 3 different Henry Huggins now & it was the first audio book we ever listened to that grabbed his interest.
2. The Wizard of Oz: cedar loved this book! Anne hathaway reads it & she does such an amazing job with the voices. i really liked listening to it & so did Cedar. after we finished the book we watched the movie & it was so funny because he kept commenting on how the book was different from the movie. i love knowing that he is paying attention to the books.
3. Charlotte's Web: cedar didn't love this one as much, but i got the version that the author reads which could have been a problem, so don't get that version!
4. The House at Pooh Corner: cute & fun stories of winnie the pooh. cedar has never been a huge fan of the show, but he has really liked listening to the stories.
5. My Father's Dragon: cedar loved listening to all of these books. if you haven't read them as a kid, definitely listen to them. they're light hearted, easy & a fun story.

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