this year for valentines day we decided to keep things mellow & stay at home with the boys & make an evening of it. i think it is so fun celebrating the little holidays with kids, they get so excited! cedar was so excited for his valentine party at school, especially because he got to have two of them so he got double the valentines! every kids dream. 

the night before valentines day we set up a couple little goodies we got the boys & decoratod the table to make it look valentine-y. in the morning they were so excited to see what they got & were so happy when we made them waffles (we don't make waffles that much because i'm impatient & think they take too long!). after i got cedar from school we made valentine cookies while milo napped. it was a perfect, mellow valentines day. 

for dinner we decided it would be fun to make mini heart shaped pizzas & got some martinelli's to fancy it up, the boys loved it. we used a big cookie cutter to make the dough into a heart & then had mini pepperonis & made some cheesy bread. it was all really good & easy. 

we got pre-made dough from trader joes, one dough made about 4 mini pizzas, so we got two doughs so we had extra for the cheesy bread. we then topped it with tomato sauce or pesto, mozzarella cheese & the mini pepperonis & baked them for about 10 minutes at 375. so easy & it was a big hit. i think we have found our new valentine tradition. 

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