hi! i'm kerry, the life behind this little blog.

i was born & raised in southern california & moved to utah for college, where i met my husband. we both attended UVU & while austin was busy studying finance, i pursued a degree in art history & humanities. ever since i was a kid i've had the urge to draw/ paint/ create & i haven't stopped yet. i have a passion for travel & i'm a big believer in never saying no to an adventure.

after living in madrid, spain for 14 months while my husband pursued an IMBA, we are adjusting back to state-side living & have moved back to my hometown in southern california where we are raising our two sons, cedar & milo. our days are filled with going to the beach, playing dinosaurs, last-minute roadtrips, camping & just about anything else outdoors.

this blog is to document my life, my little family & the things that interest me. so you'll find a bit of everything on here!