My Best Friend

I must say, i have the best friend in the world. We argue like brother and sister and get along perfectly. We practically are related, i mean last week i was at his families house and his little sister introduced me to her friend as "technically my sister". I guess i'm there too much. We've  been best friends for the past 6 years and and his ringtone is You're My Best Friend by Queen! He was my first boyfriend(a week long romance before realizing we're better off friends)! We have done many fun things together.. gone on multiple hawaii trips, seattle, disneyland, concerts, car drips back home, beach days, skipped school, proms, homecomings, went to college together.. we even got to live in the same house this past summer! The longest we have gone without seeing each other or really talking was a 5 week period, and it was a long 5 weeks! But this past tuesday i had to say goodbye to him for two whole years so he can go on his mission. I've had many of my close friends go on missions, some are even back already, but none of them were as hard as seeing Nick go. These are going to be a tough 2 years not to have my go-to boy around. It's been hard already not being able to have him a text message away! But i know what he is doing is right and that he is extremely happy. for the past two years all he has been talking about is when he goes on his mission, i must admit it got a little old but it was finally his time! Luckily he'll just be a letter away, otherwise i don't know what i would do! As hard as it has been to say goodbye to my friend i'm happy he's gone because he is happy and doing what he should be, and he'll be home that much sooner. I can't wait for the day when i hear his ringtone again..