today is my due date

well, today is my official due date
& so far, no baby.
we've had some contractions, but i'm not 
banking on seeing his little face today.
although it would be pretty great if we did! 
but in honor of my due date & this little babe, here are some 
pictures of his room.
we still need a few random things, so it's not completely finished
but it's pretty much all there.
 his room has quickly become my favorite room in our house

memorial day

memorial day was pretty mellow. 
austin went fishing early in the morning with his brothers
& i stayed home to finish up some homework & make some banana bread
that, if i say so myself, is pretty delicious. 
once austin got home we went on a hike to some waterfalls 
with ashley, jake & johnny.
afterwards we got some el salvadorian food & went to the park to let johnny run around.
it was the perfect low key memorial day

the waiting game.

i'm going to go out on a limb here & say one of the absolute worst things a doctor can tell you when you're 39 weeks pregnant, is that you're going to have your baby early.
& that's exactly what my doctor did last week.
i feel like i've been pretty good about not getting worked up & wanting & saying he'd come early, i was just going with the time the doctor told me. 
& then i go in for my weekly checkup & he says: "i don't want to get your hopes up, but i don't think you'll be pregnant by the time your next appointment comes." 
he obviously got my hopes up by saying that. i mean, when the doctor tells you your baby is coming early, you tend to believe it.
& if you're me, you think that you're going to have the baby any second after he says that.
but instead, here i am, two days away from my next appointment & no baby in sight.
i do have 48 hours left for it to happen, but i'm starting to think that it's just not going to..
& i'll have my baby a week late like every once else does with their first. 
it's a sad & hard thought to have after hearing he would come early.
but i have been having contractions, so there is a glimmer of hope still! 
in the mean time i've been doing all sorts of things to keep me busy. 
with school, going on a lot of long walks, hanging out with friends & family, cleaning the house & shuffling things around the baby room, going for hikes, trying to sleep as much as possible & catching up on some movies. 
i really can't complain cause life is pretty nice right now, but it would be a lot nicer & cuter if i had a little baby to hold. 

flower planting

 i've been wanting to plant a little garden for a few weeks 
& today i finally got the chance to do it. 
while austin worked on finishing the baby dresser 
i planted some marigolds & peppers to get us started.
we have a few others we want to plant, but for now this is perfect.
the flowers look adorable by our front door,
if i do say so myself.


left to right
>>> no filter complete beauty on a drive around utah lake
>>>my mom & i in honor of mothers day
>>>quote from the book i was most recently reading
>>> milton failing at being my guard cat while austin was in montana
>>> tulips
>>> little austin in honor of his birthday
>>> wading in the water trying to catch some fish
>>> candle making
>>> sunday saunter up the canyon
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finally, it's friday

which means it's the weekend.
& weekends are for relaxing & being lazy.
for going out to early morning breakfasts
& reorganizing & rearranging the home.  
they are for catching up on tv shows you've missed
& staying in bed reading books. 
they're for seeing friends & going on night walks cause its cooler outside than it is inside.
for having root beer floats, listening to music & drawing.
happy weekend everyone

over the weekend: a birthday celebration

this weekend we celebrated johnny's first birthday.
i can't believe my childhood bff, ashley, has a 1 year old & i'm going to
have a baby! it's so crazy. i remember talking about when we would have kids together
& now we actually are going to! 
i also really can't believe her & jakes little boy is o.n.e! 
i still remember the day he was born, even though i couldn't be there i remember 
where i was when i heard he had been born
& seeing my first picture of him!
he was adorable then & is even more adorable now,
he's seriously the cutest little boy.
ashley & jake threw him a birthday bbq with all of our friends
where we had great food, delicious cake & watched as 
johnny destroyed his first birthday cake & got it all over himself! 
happy birthday johnny! 

hip hip hooray!

it's this babes birthday today! 
i couldn't be any luckier to have him in my life 
as my hubs, best friend, & over all favorite person in the whole world.
he's truly the best & i love him oh so much! 
happy happy birthday! 

the day we went fishing

i've been wanting to try out fly fishing for a while now since austin loves it so much, but i wanted to wait until it was warm outside & saturday was the perfect day for it. we made a plan to go with nick & shayla because we heard it was supposed to be a beauuutiful, sunny & extremely warm day, & that's exactly what it was! 
we made plans to meet in the morning at provo bakery to get some donuts 
& then we headed up the canyon to go & fish the lower provo.
i had a lot of fun doing it. i used some of austins old boots & waders & we waded out to the middle of the water in the high hopes of catching something.
sadly, i didn't get anything, but shayla did & the boys caught some too! 
it was a lot of fun being out there & i liked being able to go out into the water, it's completely different from the other time(s) i've been fishing.
once we girls were finished fishing, we laid out hoping the sunshine would give us some color, & let the boys fish for a while longer. 
the spot we were at was absolutely beautiful with the mountains, grass & flowers.
i'm ready to go back.

twilight lineup

the twilight series lineup has been announced & i don't think i've ever been this excited.
they've truly got an amazing lineup for this summer.
it's going to be pretty tough to pick which ones we can go to & which we are ok missing
but one thing is for sure, we will be at the flaming lips,
we're already working on a babysitter for that night.

july 18: belle & sebastian with blitzen trapper
july 25: flaming lips
august 1: the national with sharon van etten
august 7: grizzly bear with youth lagoon
august 8: erykah badu
august 15: tbd
august 22: kid cudi
august 29: empire of the sun
september 5: mgmt

here's a playlist with some of my favorite songs from the bands the will be playing!
who are you most excited about seeing?

two lips

austin & i went on a date to the tulip festival.
every spring thanksgiving point has the festival, & last year i missed it, 
so i really wanted to go this year. 
the garden is huuuge .
i loved seeing all the many tulips & different flowers.
while austin loved looking at the fish in the pond & we both
liked feeding the koi fish. 
the festival is pretty fun, they have live music playing
with a bunch of different vendors selling food & random things.
he really does love me, i swear.