a new mr. i've been enjoying.


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I am still learning.
- Michelangelo
something going on here is damn sexy.


i dont know how i stumbled across color me katie, but i love what she does. i want my life to be as brightly colored and creative as hers.

my celebrity crush

I saved Latin. What did you ever do?- Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore.
summertime always brings new ideas and inspirations to my little head.
so many different things to do/try/achieve in such a short life.
i can't wait to start tackling them
& letting my creative energy thats been built up while in africa out.
having that sunshine shine down on my face makes me feel as if i've been hibernating all winter,
and now i am coming out to play, a rebirth.
i love everything summer has to bring.
summer clothes, summer hair, summer tan, summer nights, summer trips, summer no-shoes.
at this moment in time i feel completely liberated from anything and everything.
possibilities all around me.
for as long as i remember i have always had people in different places from me which left me yearning to be with them.
though i wish i had all of my favorites with me, i am content wherever i am.
i feel like i can do anything and go anywhere with no tie-downs and restrictions.
summer will be different from the others, they all are different from one another.
i can just feel the greatness that will come from this one,
and the adventures that are awaiting me.


sa·fa·ri: 1. An overland expedition, especially on for hunting of exploring in eastern Africa.
2. A journey or trip: a sightseeing safari.

to sum it up..
while in africa we visited: Cape Town, Krugar National Park, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, & Mozambique. we spotted all the big game: lions, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, hippos, impala, rhinos, buffalo, etc. we went on game rides everyday, bungee jumped at vic falls, went horseback riding, watched a tribal dance, and went snorkling. it was unlike any other place ive ever been.