twenty twelve recap

this has definitely been a huge life changing year in my book. it's crazy to think of all the things that happen in just one year! so here is a recap of life in 1 year. enjoy!
i ran my first 1/2 marathon with kelly, kristen & shannon
austin & i got engaged & i couldn't have been more excited!
went to walt disneyworld with kelly, mama jo, & kristen for my second 1/2 marathon
austin & i went to california to take engagement pictures, pick flowers, go to disneyland
& go camping in joshua tree with a group of friends over spring break

got in a little more snowboarding before i headed back home before the wedding,
found somewhere for us to live
& started moving in
austin came to visit me,
went to see best coast with reilly & dom,
continued with last minute wedding details,
ashley had baby johnny
we got married &
went to italy (obviously my favorite month all year) 
& my cousin whitney had her baby wren on our wedding day
austy & i went camping,
started summer school,
taryn had baby julian
finished summer school,
family vacation to mexico,
austin went fishing in montana & canada,
i went to california
started school again,
went to city of rocks with nick, shayla & nicole
found out there is a baby on board
& we got our cute kitten milton (formerly known as lucy)
celebrated thanksgiving
celebrated christmas in california
& i caught my first fish


1. poor sophie pup with her cone head
2. matching christmas pj's for austy & i
3. doing some winter fishing, my first catch ever
4. out & about in the snow
5. the tiniest vaseline i've ever seen/owned

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baby rooms

Austin & i find out if this tiny babe of ours is a boy or a girl in a week and a half. I. Am. So. Excited! This makes it feel so much more real than it already does. Since we've found out that I was pregnant, I haven't been too hate rested in looking at baby gear or trying to pick anything out. Obviously I will look at baby clothes, but I'm pretty sure every girl does that...right? Anyways, like I said I haven't been into it. Partially I think because it has just seemed to surreal for me & because I was so scared in the beginning. But now that we're farther along & find out SO SOON, I cannot stop thinking of baby nurseries. I kep trying to think what we could do for or soon to be babe, & what has to be done (like where we'll put everything that's currently in there...) I'm thinking of wall colors, furniture colors, decorations... the whole shebang. i have a few ideas in my head for a girls room, but for some reason planning a boys room is a little harder.. probably because i don't want it to be baby blue or sports related.. so i've been looking online & here are a few nursery ideas i'm liking. thoughts?
{images are all found on pinterest}
1. i think these baby animal pictures are adorable for anywhere in the house really...
2. the blue is pretty dark, but i like all of the colors together
3. i love the ceiling & the wall of books
4. if it's a girl, i'm thinking we'll do striped walls
5. i like how fun this alphabet mural is & colorful
6. or if it's a girl possibly these polka dotted walls
7. i love how bright & cheery this room is

a very merry disney christmas

yesterday afternoon austy & i made the trek down to the o.c. to disneyland. disneyland at christmas time is my absolute favorite time to go. despite the fact that its normally incredibly crowded, i still love it (i will admit i was pretty irritated driving there when there was traffic & i kept seeing signs saying how busy disneyland was.. but once inside i was fine!)  it's probably the most magical time to see disneyland with all of the christmas decorations & lights up.
 if you haven't experienced it, you should probably make a plan to sometime in the near future. 
since i couldn't go on too many rides do to being pregnant, i basically just ate while we were there. it was perfect. we got there in time for a late lunch, so we headed straight to bengal bbq in adventure land which is always delicious. then we met up with my sister & her kids, went on gadgets coaster & walked around looking at everything. 

after we headed over to california adventure & went to corn dog castle, which i love so much. afterward we walked around looking at everything (the lines were kind of not worth waiting in) & austin got some churro bites & mexican hot chocolate, while i got a churro & hot chocolate. the disneyland churros are probably their most delicious item. i could eat so many of them. 
(got these leggings the other day & i'm pretty obsessed with them)
i'm not gonna lie, i thought going to disneyland pregnant would be boring but i was pretty happy with it. i had no problem what-so-ever just looking at everything & eating everything. plus, i loved going with austin at christmas time because he had never been. so it made it that much better.
(so excited to have my churro)

elf yourself

merry christmas from us to you! 


1. close up of the hubs
2. snowy weather= leggings, boots & big sweaters
3. milton the christmas cat
4. i was so happy to be in the snow
5. matching luggage cause we're married
6. festival of lights!!!
7. breakfast from the hubs
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waffle luv

always have, always will. i grew up eating 2 eggos everyday.
2. not 1, not 3. but 2. 1 wasn't enough, & 3 was too much. so 2 was just the perfect amount.
i was also a little crazy about my eggos in every way possible.
anyone that ate them had to eat them in an even number, because if i went to the freezer & there was only 1 left, i would be too hungry. & if i went & there were 3, then i'd just have to know that after i ate my 2 the next day i would only have 1. see, i was crazy about them.
plus i could only make them cause i made them perfect (i swear by this).
toast them, butter & syrup them, put them in the microwave for 15 seconds. BOOM! they're delicious.
anyways. i loved eggos & belgian waffles. practically every time we go out to breakfast, i have waffles. & i often make waffles for myself for breakfast. 
so needless to say, anywhere that is known for there waffles, i want to go.
when we were in belgium i devoured many a waffle & they were perfect. never had i ever had a waffle taste so good. 
(read about that here)
& we've got to bruges waffles & frites in salt lake, & they are so delicious. 
so when i first learned about the waffle truck a few months ago i was intrigued & excited.
they move around utah county everyday posting on instagram & twitter where they are. so unless you follow them or just run into them, you don't know where they are. you also don't know until they are there that day. so it's sometimes difficult to catch them.
i had sort of forgotten about the waffle truck too, until the other day when austin & i were on our way home & i spotted it. i wanted to go so badly but we had just barely eaten, so we decided we shouldn't. but i did decide to start following them on instagram. 
so today when i saw they announced they were going to be at the riverwoods for the day i was so, so excited. ashley, shayla & i had been getting our nails done when i saw that they would be in provo, so we decided to go afterwards & i loved it. it's a cool idea that they travel around & the waffles are delicious. i'm so happy to have finally had a taste of them. 

catching up

this week has been busy with a lot of cramming, crafting & christmas activities.
i had my 3d art final tuesday morning at the crack of dawn.. at least thats what it felt like as i had to leave my house at 6:30 to be there at 7 a.m. & it was still pitch black outside. since my final was so early monday evening was saved for finishing up my final project: a reindeer wrapped in yarn. i got the idea from a decoration i saw of my moms & wanted, but couldn't buy... so i figured i'd have my attempt at making my own. it turned out different than what i had hoped for, but i think i like it.
tuesday after our finals austin & i ran around doing errands before having our dinner group at our house. we weren't too interested in making dinner though & were planning to make gingerbread houses, so instead we ordered pizza! shayla, ashley, jake, austin & i all had our go at making gingerbread houses... & ashley, shayla & mine kept breaking & falling down. it was a bit of a disaster. but ashley & i eventually figured out a way to make it work for us. they were pretty fun to make!
wednesday was spent at the library studying some more before going to austins parents house to have dinner & celebrate our christmas with them! i've really liked this exchanging christmas gifts before christmas... we've opened gifts for the past 2 weeks & it's great. i loved giving them their gifts too. i think thats the best part of christmas, is giving the gifts. anyways.. austin got a snowboard pass & a shirt, we both got sleeping bags, an air mattress & a box full of children christmas books, i got a duffle bag i had been wanting, & all of the harry potter books in hard cover! i was so excited! on our way to his parents house, we stopped by a house they told us about that has their christmas lights go to music. i loooove houses that do this. i actually love any house that has lights, but i really love the ones that go all out. they are so fun & i love to watch them. so we went to watch it for a few minutes & it definitely did not disappoint! 
thursday were our laaaaast finals! it was great & i am now feeling so relieved. i'm so happy to be done until january. it's a greatly needed break. to celebrate finishing we tried a new mexican restaurant called Tortilla Bar. it was really really delicious. all of their food is organic & local, & they made their tacos with slices of apples which was new & pretty good. later that night we went to our friend danielle's birthday dinner & then back to her place for cupcakes & donuts!