weddings & friend

this past weekend was quite eventful. one of my favorite people, nathan, got married to the most perfect girl for him. they got married in the SLC temple this past saturday, and held their reception at La Caille. it was so pretty. the colors were pale pink with the boys wearing tan and white. there was a lot of dancing, talking, and laughing the whole day. a good and fun wedding always makes me smile.
with weddings always comes good friends. all of our family friends were there, the mollers, the pollocks, the cooleys, and also a group of friends from both home and whom i've met since being in utah. i loved catching up with everyone, especially the ones i left when i went away this past summer. it has made me excited to get back into the swing of things and seeing all my friends in utah again.

twenty one

this past thursday was my 21st birthday! to celebrate i went to l.a. with my mom, and met kelly and shannon at the ivy for lunch. after lunch my mom and i went around shopping a bit, and finished the night off by seeing a movie. friday night i had a bday bash with all of my friends. there was swimming, food, music and good people. i got three cakes made for me by my lovely friends, and cupcakes to top it off. i've got one of the best group of friends, and they're all different which makes them so great. i love when we all get together with eachother and they get to know who i always mention. it was a good way to bring in my new year. thankyou to my mama for such a great birthday day, and for putting up with all the nonsense my friends bring to the house!

costa rica

i got back last friday from my 3 week stay in costa rica, which was pretty amazing. kristen and i did a surf and spanish program for 2 weeks then the last week we toured around a bit and found our way up to panama. the spanish didnt really stick with me, but surfing was amazing. i found a real passion for it. i used to wonder why every boy was obsessed with it, and now i feel like i understand why... while we were doing the program we met a group of kids also at the school who we spent the majority of our time with, and we met a couple others outside of school who were fun to spend our time with. after we left our town, dominical, we went up to turrialba to go water rafting, then went onto puerto viejo for our last stop in costa rica. puerto is on the caribbean side of costa rica, and was by far my favorite spot we saw, it looked like a set for pirates of the caribbean. after our quick stop there, we ventured to panama to go to bocas del toro. bocas is a town made up of a bunch of little islands. we stayed there for 3 days then had to make our way back to the lovely san jose (never go there) to await our plane home.